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Found 15 results

  1. Reputation System, Griefing & PVP

    Howdy Pardners, There's a lot of excitement surrounding Wild West Online right now, and we want to try to satiate your insatiable appetites for more information! Many of you are wondering how PVP and the reputation will work, so we'd like to address this topic. Our main goal is to have a world where PVP is not restricted, but to still attempt to remove the griefing atmosphere that plagues a lot of open world games. To do this, we will leverage the Reputation and Fame system. The reputation stat goes from negative 1000 all the way up to positive 1000. All players start in the middle with an even score of 0, or neutral. Any player can choose to go down a dark criminal path, or work towards becoming a saint that represents peace, law and order. The Fame System - This reflects your status in the world and how other players will perceive you. Each action you take in-game may potentially increase your fame, and to earn fame it doesn't necessarily need to be a good deed. If you rob a bank, you'll get a bit more (in)famous, but you will also net some negative reputation. The Reputation Score reflects how "good" or "bad" you are based on what actions you've taken, from theft and murder to apprehending villains. Together these two parameters of Reputation & Fame define your status in the world. The most noticeable effect of your fame and reputation will be how NPC vendors treat your character. If you have a positive reputation and you're famous, you may get a discount in stores in lawful towns, yet if you're a famous bandit, you will not get a discount in lawful areas and will have to seek discounts in bandit controlled settlements. Your reputation will also give your character a title such as Outlaw or Scoundrel for negative reputation and Lawman and Sheriff for positive reputations. Other players will not be able to see your current reputation unless your fame rating is high enough. Want to become a Sheriff's deputy? You can become a deputy by applying for a job in a local Sheriffs Office. You'll get a badge and a license to kill the 'bandits' that might be harassing the town. Beware, as a deputy you need to uphold the law and because of this attacking innocent civilians is HEAVILY penalized. Attempting to steal anything or shooting innocent civilians will result in not only your deputy status being revoked, but severe penalties to your reputation. Infractions that are bad enough will leave you marked as a most wanted player for others to hunt you down and claim your head. And with great power comes great responsibility, so one of the bonuses you'll get as a deputy is that you can see whether other players have a positive or negative reputation via a black/white hat icon on top of their head when mousing over them. A deputy can kill any "bandit" without repercussions and his reputation will only be increased for doing so. To become a deputy you'll need to either pay a hefty fee in gold bars (which you'll need to find or mine) or perform a series of quests that involve catching several "most wanted" criminals. You don't need to have a positive reputation to do this - IE a bandit CAN become a deputy. This creates interesting game play where it's technically possible for a bandit to rob a bank, take the gold bars from the safe, then move to another town and wait until the most wanted status fades out -- then buy his way into becoming a deputy. After that the player will have to uphold the law and if they do something bad they'll lose their Deputy status. This seemingly contradictory system reflects a number of actual occurrences in the Old West where bandits split town and bought or earned their way in to lawman status. What is most wanted status? This status works similar to the GTA games and others in that genre where doing bad things gets you an increasing immediate status effect that represent how "rogue" you are in the world. Technically the most wanted status is not directly tied to your reputation, but if you have a large enough negative reputation, you'll always have at least 1 star – i.e. permanent wanted status. So how do you get most wanted status? Attacking another player first will give you this status effect. There's an exclusion from this rule however - Bandits & Deputies can attack each other without becoming 'most wanted'. If you rob a bank while in town, or do certain major illegal activities like cracking a safe, you'll also gain this status. Your most wanted status will fade over time, but it's up to you to make sure you survive and other players don't hunt you down in the meantime. When you have most wanted status, Deputies and Sheriffs will see you as a marked player and your name and location will go into the most wanted list. When this happens, eve regular players will be able to claim a bounty on your head. If you enter a lawful town you'll have an icon over the top of your head and other players can and will kill you. The exception to this is that as a wanted player you can also attack lawmen and neutrals when inside certain safe areas, provided you make it inside alive. Dying as a most wanted player will cause you to lose ALL of the items you are carrying. Being a criminal may be profitable, but it can also come with a very stiff price for death. Tired of being a bad guy and want to redeem yourself? A nearby church can help you with this. You can go to a church to pray your reputation back towards a neutral state once a day. The more negative your reputation is, the more church visits you’ll need. No more greifing? When we started designing these systems we had two mutually exclusive goals: make a game with relatively unrestricted PVP while still making sure the game doesn't turn into COD deathmatch where all players shoot first and ask questions later. We feel that we have solved that by giving players a choice about how they will live in the world that carries actual in-game consequences. Sure, you can open fire on the first person you see, but you won't be getting many benefits from this because killing them won't cause them to drop any items (unless they've been recently mining gold, something we'll get into in another post before too long), yet you'll now have 'most wanted' status and risk losing everything you are carrying if you're gunned-down while marked with this status. So being a kill-on-sight player is a double edged sword because you get the satisfaction of killing players, but you will also have to deal with the loss of all of your items when you are eventually hunted down and killed. The path of crime and murder can be a fun role playing profession, and great rewards can come from it through robbing banks, caravans or gold miners -- but this path also carries great risks, and that's the choice you'll have to make each time you think about pulling the trigger.
  2. Cattle Drives

    Hey guys, so I was thinking about some gameplay that I would like to see implemented. I think open range cattle drives would be a great thing to do in game. It was an important aspect of the cowboy life in the old West. Rally up your posse to drive a herd of cattle from point A to point B. Point B being where you sell the cattle for in-game currency. There can be a number of different lengths of drives. Short, medium, and a full map cattle drive that may take a few in game days to accomplish. Fighting off other npcs trying to rustle your cattle, maybe predetor animals as well. The length of the drive, and how many head you keep alive determines how much you make!
  3. Was it intented in the trailer that before he went to the clothing store his character had hair but when he got out he was bald ? I'm asking because I'm curious whether it was just an early-alpha bug or will we actually have a possibility to not only change our clothes in the clothing store but our hairstyle too ? Was this quetion answered somewhere? If so, then please link it.
  4. Wanted, we need him to tell us when the Gameplay is comming out (Better alive lol) (Just for fun guys, do not take it in the wrong way.) mmritter @mmritter
  5. So! I figured we could have a big thread for over-analyzing the new trailer along with the old screenshots etc. Pick out things some might have missed. Familiar locations from different angles. What we see on the map etc! I can start by saying that I sadly have used up my limit for adding images to my posts somehow. But that I noticed the sweet little article in the too right of the newspaper 📰 --------- - Custom Mill - to miners and mine operators Or anyone who should come into bodily possession of certain desirable materials (hey, we ain't judgin') The Silverton & Durango & Reduction Co IS PREPARED TO Receive and Treat, or Purchase Gold, and Silver Ores of all grades, and in all lots and sizes, from 100 pounds to 10 000 tons. If said Gold or Silver should happen to come in the form of 'recently acquired' jewelry and such, well, we'll melt that down too. No questions asked. ----------- This is a fun little article that definitely indicates that we can have a lot of fun and make a little profit from sneaking around and do some serious thievery. We can also see the white church ⛪ from the screenshots in the background of the town after he has stolen the bottle of whiskey. I'll add the images when I can Let the analyzing and fun begin!
  6. Hello everyone! Just as we can see the gameplay trailer is out and here I create a topic to gather all the opinions on the gameplay: what we like, what we don't like. As for me what I really don't like are the animations. I already gave my opinion on it yesterday in the topic about leaked images. Those are exactly the same animations which we can see in LMS. They are to stiff and really ruin the overall feel of the wild west. Give me your thoughts on the trailer
  7. A one-click fast travel can ruin the game in several aspects. Gameplay-wise: The game enviroment is one of the main aspects of a game. The less themeparky a MMO is, the more important the open world gets. While MMOs like Tera don't suffer from that kind of fast travel, MMOs with a focus on the game world and player interaction (especially with open world PVP) need something else. Every skipped way is a missed opportunity to meet new faces on the travel, every skipped way is a skipped adventure. I love the "fast travel" system of Black Desert: A few ships drive close to the coast and players can enter them physically on harbours. That kind of fast travel would be amazing for this game: Replace ships with trains and boom, fast travel is much more engaging. These trains are faster than a horse, but you can miss them. Also they could get attacked. Gameplay-wise, it would be a really engaging way to travel between fixed points. Roleplay-wise: I think I don't need to explain anything. If you like to immerse yourself into the game, the current fast travel is a absolute No-Go. Economy-wise: I don't know how deep the economic in this game will get, but if there's a simple "City 1 produces that and sells it cheap - City 2 needs that and buys it at a higher price", a one-click fast travel completely destroys that, because you can always jump between both cities. Just because of how the fast travel works right now, I fear that this game won't have any depth. Hope I will be wrong.
  8. Gameplay Trailer is Live!

  9. New gameplay pics

    I do not know if it was shared before, but there are a few visuals I want you to see.
  10. The playstyle

    I believe that the red dead redemption game-play style would be a very nice addition to the game... very smooth and more polished. What do you guy's think?! The video below is RED DEAD REDEMPTION an example of what I'm talking about... Don't take it to the heart DEV's
  11. With 4K being more and more prevalent, please allow those of us with the hardware to be able to game at this resolution.
  12. Player Emotes

    Howdy! Today I want to find out what kind of emotes you guys would love to see added for the sake of roleplay etc. Things like dances, poses, etc. Below are some of my favourites. /highnoon
  13. GUNS!

    What kind of guns do you think will be available? What kind of guns do you want to see? I'm hoping for the good old Winchester 1897, and maybe some black powder nock guns myself