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  1. Hey, Right, basically I alpha/beta test many games. One game I back at the moment is Identity, now they're in the same position as you guys. They have no release dates, a small team, very high expectations, but most importantly a very worried audience. Now what I mean by a worried audience is, people who have pledged and/or are following the game however are worried about it not being what it is expected. Identity have taken measures to attack this problem. They have hired community staff, created an official discord, progress bars and often stream small bits of development without leaking game changing information. This way they help the worried people, they show them that they are working on it and they communicate with them through discord and streams. They hold Q&A sessions too which are live. It would massively help the game if you took a similar approach as, as far as I am aware there is only this forum, twitter, facebook and the youtube (which all aren't really being used efficiently). It will increase the amount of people pledging, it will increase hype but most importantly everything will be more positive. To be honest I am sick of all the negative videos and posts of people saying the same shit about The War Z etc. At the moment we do not have much information to go on, we do not know the progress of the development, we don't really know the developers and this alone causes people to think this is going to flop before all the information about The War Z got mixed in. Look into how Identity are attacking the problem, even if it doesn't help turn the negative views positive, it will create a bigger, better community. Kind Regards - Blurr