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Found 6 results

  1. Q: Will there be a system wipe? Will it be as bad as Rust?A: The game is persistent, so no there will be no regular wipes happening for sure. We will, however, wipe player’s stats during alpha/prior to full release, but this is standard. Q: If I play during the alpha test I will lose all my progress in the future, including my character?A: You won’t lose your character's look and cosmetic items, but you will lose their stats. My question is about the preorder editions, when the game is reset to be released to the public, will we get our Treasury Notes, Small land deeds, and Large land deeds back even if we spend them or sell them during alpha and beta? Or will we be without. @mmritter @California Fats
  2. Friendly Fire in Posses

    The Posse/Party System will allow us to see the name of our teammates on the top of their heads? and Friendly fire will be enabled?
  3. Hi all, can we Play a second race "INDIANS"? STRETCH GOALS Kickstarter: South Army STRETCH Goal Kickstarter: North Army then it would be absolutly perfect! a dream since 10 years if this would be reality. Greetings Whorlok (Leader A Better Tomorrow)
  4. Character creation?

    I would just like to ask how would the character creation work? and how in depth would it be? Would it be similar to skyrim? Or just randomized? Do we get to choose clothes on creation? Will there be many types of clothes? Hats? Bandanas? Eyeglasses? Jewellery? So many questions, any help appriciated.
  5. Can we get drunk?

    No west is complete without whisky, I hope we get to get drunk and tumble(weed) out of the salon or something.