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  1. Welcome to Driftwood A Brief History The Civil War effected the nation through out its reaches. From the war itself, and the way it severed ties with families, or to its effect on the economy, the United States would not be the same. Among those forever changed, was retired Union Colonel Joseph Young. To aid in his recovery, and to seek peace from the atrocities of the war, he drifted west to the Arizona Territory, where upon a winding river he built a cabin and began to rebuild his life. Soon after he was joined by the Sergeant Major of the 1st Mass. Volunteer Cavalry that Joseph had commanded. His long friend Malakai Finnegan built a ranch of his own not far from Young's cabin, along the river that would later be known as the Rio Rojo "Red River". Over the next 5 years, more ex-soldiers, farmers, settlers gathered in the Rio Rojo Valley along the river as they too were escaping from the harsh outcome of th war to try and better their lives. In 1870, after Joseph and Malachi first settled the area, the town of Driftwood was founded. A home to those set a drift during a turbulent period of war. Over the next 7 years, Driftwood would undergo a period of growth, tragedy and change. Joseph Young @Joseph Young having been the Chief US Marshal would eventually retire, becoming the AZ Territory Circuit Judge. His first action was to hang Emma "Emerald" Collins in the streets of Driftwood. Malakai Finnegan @Malakai semi-retired as Deputy US Marshal and becomes the town Sheriff, assisting Marshals and Rangers on an as needed basis. Logan Sackett @HondoSacketthas continued as the Chief AZ Territory Ranger Niamh Whelan @Niamh Whelan still owns and runs the hotel. It was renamed from the "Sourel" to "Sackett's Rest" Hotel in honor of Driftwood's first Sheriff and Mayor William Sackett, who was fatally wounded by the villainous Emma "Emerald" Collin. Niamh became acting Mayor until a newly elected replacement has been appointed. Tobias Johnson @Tobias Johanson is still kicking around on his Ranch outside of town, as well as running the General Store. Jake Foster @FosterCo-Owner of the town Sign Shop has been missing for the last 7 years OOC Introduction Driftwood itself began as an RP Forum Environment whee players awaiting the development of "another game", would interact in a full interactive environment using the forums. Everyone helped select the names of the town, the river, and future expansions into other states. The forum was set up so everyone joining the RP would have their own character which was set in a list, people could own houses and business in the town "see the attached images", and would subsequently run and RP their life on the forums. We would like to do something similar here. The central point of interest of this initial RP environment would be the town of Driftwood. The businesses and houses owned by past returning RP community members have claimed those buildings again with their back stories and history of interactions in the town intact. There will be buildings currently empty, jobs currently available, and other empty plots available for people to acquire. At which time our genius of a Graphic Artist Jake @Foster would add your house/business to the overhead land map. All purchases and transactions and possessions would all be purely RP. But later change to this, acquiring of funds etc may become possible depending on activity. RP Game Staff @Joseph Young, Lead Game Master @Malakai, Game Master and Lead RP Master @Logan Sackett, RP Master @Niamh Whelan, RPMaster Current Story Archs "Death and Vengeance in Driftwood", run by @Niamh Whelan "The unseen warriors power",run by @Logan Sackett All questions and inquires for a storyline should be directed to the respective RP master that is running it. Joining the RP There are a number of steps we ask all new participants to do when joining. 1. Read the last 2 pages so you get a gist of the state of the town and what is going on. 2. Read the Buying Land and Building Structures rules to get an idea of how to get your own house or business or even ranch/farm going. Read info at: 3. Check out the Maps at the bottom of this thread to get an idea of how the town and surrounding area looks. 4. It is best not to assume a profession or job until you know what is available in our RP world. Best thing to do is contact @Joseph Young or @Malakai to help figure out where you can fit into the world based on your desires for a story. 5. Join us on Discord for live conversations about the RP at 6. Finally, you may now go ahead and post your first post by Creating and Introducing your Character. Creating and Introducing your Character When first joining the RP, your first post should be something of the sort like "Character Name" arrives at the Train Station/on a Stage Coach or some such way as having arrived and give a little background as to who you are, your kind of education, business, etc, then you are welcome to start RPing. Your Character name will then be added to our list, updated when you take on a profession in town, adding your address of your house and/or business etc. All New Participants arrive at the town with $500 Rules and Important Tables Buying Land and Building Structures Read info: Basic Success vs Failure Check for key RP Interactions Whether it be an attempt at a knife stab or gun shot or picking a cell lock thses two formulas will be used. Change in the number may be adjusted by RP Mods at any time due to difficulty. So how does this work? Person 1 fires at Person 2. Both roll d100. Depending on how close each number is to each other will determine success vs failure. Anyone can call for a success vs failure check at anytime for interactions. Combat To Hit Roll - 1d100 1-30 roll difference = miss 31-90 roll difference = non-fatal hit 91-100 roll difference = fatal hit. d6 rounds for a doctor to show up or for ppl to say farewells ect. IF Dr arrives wounded and Dr roll 1d100 Surviving a Fatal Wound Roll 1d100 - Gumption adds a bonus to the roll equal to its stat. IE, a 16 rolled, the defender has Gumption of 5, makes the roll -5 making it 11, which would be enough to save their life. 1-15 roll difference = Saves their life. 1d6 for rounds of recovery before walking again. 16-99 roll difference = PERMA DEATH of character after the remaining d6 rounds. 100 = Insta Death Cover of Defender - a minus to the To Hit roll based on the % of cover someone has. 100% gives -75 to roll 75% gives -50 to roll 50% gives -25 to roll 25% gives -5 to roll Skill Bonus of Attacker - a plus to the To Hit roll based on the skill rank of a respective weapon. For Non Combat 1-30 Roll Difference = Succes 31-90 Roll Difference = Fail, anyone can try again 91-100 Roll Difference = Critical Fail and no one can try again ie broke the lock Adjustment to ranges under discretion of RP Moderators. Live Dice Rolling Please join as Roll20 so LIVE rolling that everyone can see is viewable and interactive Copy and Paste this URL into your browser: If you do not have an account, create one then it should show you as a member of the "campaign." If it does not just go to the link again if you are logged in. List of Characters Ba'cho "The Wolf" Lobo @Wulf, Bounty Hunter Elenore Haskins @Miss Elenore Haskins , Wife of Robert Haskins Elesse Tibadeaux @Elesse Tibadeaux Father Ciaran @Fr. CiarĂ¡n, Priest at Town Church Henry "The Whistler" @Arky, Bounty Hunter Jake Foster @Foster, Co-Owner of Foster's Sign Shop, currently Missing Jack Lincoln @Jack Lincoln, Owner of the Freight Office James Gavin @James Gavin, Professional Gambler James Wight @James Wight, Josiah Dawson @Josiah Dawson, Banker Joseph Young @Joseph Young AZ Circuit Judge and Owner of Young's Lumbermill Laney Brittle @Janegotagun, Madame Logan Sackett @HondoSackett, AZ Ranger, Husband of Winter Sackett Malakai Finnegan @Malakai, Retired US Marshall, Owner of Finnegan's Firearms and Livery, Co-Owner of the Sign Shop Magdalena Harrington @Magdalena Harrington, Owner of the Silver Blade Saloon Monique Rousseau @Monique Rousseau, Niamh Whelan @Niamh Whelan, Owner of "Sackett's Rest" and acting Mayor Tobias Johnson @Tobias Johanson, Owner of the T-Hook Ranch and General Store Winter Cadieux (Sackett) @Winter Sackett Town Doctor, Undertaker and Taxidermist. Wife of Logan Sackett William Braun @GabeNewbie Residences and Businesses Inside of Driftwood 1. Cemetery - Unclaimed 8. Court House - Judge Joseph Young presiding 9. Bank - Available 10. Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Malakai Finnegan 11. Cadiuex Clinic - Doctor Winter Cadiuex Sackett 12. Newspaper Office - Available 14. Town Hall - acting Mayor Niamh Whelan 15. Sackett's Rest Hotel - Owned by Naimh Whelan 16. Silver Blade Saloon - Owned by Magdalena Harrington 17. House of Magdalena Harrington 19. General Store - Owned by Tobias Johanson 20. Marshal/Ranger Station 21. Jack's Freight - Owned by Jack Lincoln 22. Finnegan's Firearms 23. Finnegan Foster's Livery - Owned by Malakai Finnegan and Jake Foster 43. House of Joseph Young 44. School House - No Teacher Outskirts of Driftwood 45. Finnegan Ranch - Owned by Malakai Finnegan 52. Sackett Ranch - Owned by Logan and Winter Sackett 56. Abandoned Ranch - Available 60. Whelan Ranch - Owned by Niamh Whelan // // // // // // //
  2. Greetings and welcome to the U.S. Marshals Service information office. I am Regional U.S. Marshal John Shields. I want to thank you all for dropping by today, and give you a little bit of information as it pertains to our organization. If you should have further questions after reading this message, do feel free to dispatch a letter to our office (PM) or visit us directly (via Discord). The information below should help you in determining if we are the right organization for you, and should aid you with learning more about what we can offer. The U.S. Marshals Service was created on September 24th, 1789 and 13 U.S. Marshals were appointed by President George Washington. These Marshals would serve multiple roles to include recording census data for many years. From 1850 to 1861 U.S. Marshals would also be responsible for returning runaway slaves after the Fugitive Slave Act is brought forward. From 1861 to 1865 U.S. Marshals played a substantial role in identifying and locating Confederate spies during the Civil War and seizing their property. Around this time U.S. Marshals begin locating and identifying counterfeiters before the Secret Service takes on those duties in 1865. In 1878 U.S. Marshals participate in the conflict in the New Mexico territory known as the Lincoln County War where Marshals fight on both sides. In 1881 Deputy U.S. Marshal Virgil Earp and Special Deputies Wyatt Earp and Morgan Earp alongside Doc Holliday engage in gunfire later dubbed the "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" with outlaws killing three of them. This occurs in Tombstone, Arizona. It is here, our story begins. The U.S. Marshals Service in the Wild West Online is a multi-national (global) organization dedicated to roleplaying and portraying the lawman within the game. Our goal is to be active on numerous US and EU servers providing a constant presence for anti-banditry, fugitive apprehension, and ensuring the law flourishes within the towns and settlements. It is important that we provide a quality of service to the people, and should anyone need our assistance, be available to help when called upon. Our Discord server is set up in such a way that if someone were to seek us out for help, we can quickly assist them. Further more, the U.S. Marshals will be responsible for actively pursuing and apprehending/stopping known criminals (whether dead, or alive). If someone needs to place a bounty on another person, or to hunt that person down for lawful purposes, the U.S. Marshals will assist. Town Sheriff's will be able to also call upon the Marshals for assistance should things get out of hand within their territories. Becoming a U.S. Marshal is incredibly easy. You need to head over to our Discord server here: LINK and read through the documentation in the announcements channel, then proceed to the recruitment channel. Once you have read all of the information, and meet the requirements you can then submit your application using the provided template. All recruitment will be done through the Discord server. Once your application is accepted, you will need to seek out one of the "District U.S. Marshals" or the "Regional U.S. Marshal" to be added to the roster, and officially brought on as a "Special Deputy U.S. Marshal". This is a probationary rank and period lasting not more than one week. If you complete this trial period, you will advance to the rank of "Deputy U.S. Marshal". After approximately one month of service, you will be able to further advance to the rank/position of "Senior Deputy U.S. Marshal". It is important to note that we are roleplay based. You will want to have some form of a backstory for your character and how he/she came to become a U.S. Marshal. You will NOT need to type it out for us in order to join, and the level in which you roleplay will vary depending on your comfort level. Understand that while in-game, you should be in character. While on Discord, we have separate channels for both IC (in character) and OOC (out of character). Whenever possible you will want to use the in-game VOIP to communicate with other people versus sticking strictly to Discord. This will ensure that other people have the opportunity to roleplay with you. As we do not yet know the nature of the servers, we will expect to first start out with the public official servers. We'll just have to make due. If we get the opportunity later to have our own servers, private servers, etc we will re-evaluate our position and look for a place to call home that will conform to our style of play and encourage RP. Understand that this group or organization is NOT for the run and gun, bunnyhopping loud mouths. This is a mature group of people with a specific in-game focus (to bring law to lawless). As someone who has spent 12 years in Law Enforcement in the real world, and 20+ years online in RP environments, I'm confident in my abilities and will enjoy RPing this with you. If you're new to gaming, new to roleplay, etc... we'll help you along. Don't think of this group as some elitist organization. Everyone is welcome. I look forward to chatting with you guys and will look for those applications.
  3. Minecraft - Old West Modpack

    Howdy y'all. Since there's still some time left till the alpha is out. I wanted to release the modpack I've been fiddling for the last weeks. Hunt down wild buffalos, fight legendary bears with a shotgun, drink corn whiskey to stay hydrated, build a town on the frontier, do a rain dance. It's all possible in this modpack. The terrain generation is set so it mostly generates biomes that imitate American southwest and some Lousiana wetlands, here and there. No it's not all desert. Thanks to biomes o plenty and realistic terrain generation. I included my save file in there as well, to provide you with some naturally spawning custom NPCs I set. Due to "I can't really be asked" I didn't include in some of the mods that would require me to get permissions from mod authors. But they're meant to be there and if you wanna play the way it was meant to be, you'll have to install them as well. But it works without them. Missing mods: Realistic Animal Products and Drops Mod: List of the mods: Download Link: Or to simplify things, download Twitch/Curse client and search for "Copper Peak", it should do it for you. Kudos to @Soup for providing me with the logo and inviting me to the Copper Peak community :3
  4. Racism and the Setting

    I recently watched the remake of the Magnificent Seven, and although I did like the movie, overall I felt it lacked racial tension for such a diverse group. There were two former Confederates, an African American former Union soldier, a Mexican, an Asian, a Comanche, and a man that had collected 300 Comanche scalps. Some might argue they respected each other as fighting men, but I still expected more tension based on the time period, which is the same as WWO. Racism exists in the settings of many games. The High Elves look down on everyone else. The Empire looks down on all aliens. The list goes on and on. In my experience, the RP in from these types of interactions can go one of several ways. Either its positive and enhances overall RP for the community, someone gets offended in OOC'ly, or like with everything, someone over does the racial RP and its just negative for all. The saying that anything can be RP'd if done well, holds true again. A quick browse through the Character Index thread shows a diverse group of characters in a time when diversity was not accepted. My question to the growing RP community of WWO is, how will you and ultimately your character deal with such a hot button issue?
  5. Legends of the Frontier Roleplay Community PvP and PvE Allowed Global Discord Members: 20+ About the Community We are a group of Roleplayers that wanted to create a fun, active and entertaining community to be with as we spear head into the beginnings of WWO. We are made up from clans and solo players who want to engage about the game and roleplay as we wait, and even play other games together to pass the time. Our Community is 18+, and like the game our rating is Mature. We are seeking more clans and players to join us as we prepare for the coming Alpha and Beta of WWO in hopes of making a community worth play with and for. Community Description The community is made of of roleplayers and roleplaying clans seeking to have folks to meet and chat. This is not going to be its own server, this is a communications HUB between all roleplayers and roleplaying clans and even servers. To find new members, to make new friends and to arrange events between clans and between servers. Clans Black Wolf Company Iron Smoke The Gunslingers Rio Rojo Rangers Copper Peak Community Websites Thank you Janegotagun for making us a banner.
  6. Legends of the Frontier Roleplay PvPvE Community Global Discord Members: 15+ About the Community We are a group of Roleplayers that wanted to create a fun, active and entertaining community to be with as we spear head into the beginnings of WWO. We are made up from clans and solo players who want to engage about the game and roleplay as we wait, and even play other games together to pass the time. Our Community is 18+, and like the game our rating is Mature. We are seeking more clans and players to join us as we prepare for the coming Alpha and Beta of WWO in hopes of making a community worth play with and for. Newly created there are certain aspects we are currently voting on and as more concrete information such as rules, application process are finished we will post it in this thread. We have a discord, if you want the discord or have any questions please contact one of the people in contact information. Community Description ( Underconstruction ) Member Application process ( Underconstruction ) Clan Application process ( Underconstruction ) Clans Black Wolf Company Iron Smoke The Gunslingers Community Websites Steam Group Legends of the Frontier Contacts Wulf, Arky Thank you Janegotagun for making us a banner.
  7. Rio Rojo Rangers Clan Affiliation: Lawful Background The Rio Rojo or "Red River" Rangers trace their origins to the Arizona Territory and the town of Driftwood. Following the events that occured during the hanging of the treacherous and vile Emma "Emerald" Collins in 1877, the RRR were formed to cufe the infestation of Outlaws in the Territory. The group of law men and women have origins as Civil War veterans, Marshals, Rangers, and skilled fighters. ___________________________________________ Clan Application Character Name: Age: Brief RP history of your Character: We are an RP grouping running an RP forum based RP game. Anyone desiring to join must be willing to RP. To join, you must join the RP in the Town of Driftwood - RP Town thread in the Roleplay forum, read and become familiar with the info on the first post, then initiate your RP and join us in the RP world we are creating. Once your application is posted and you start RPing, we will go over your app and decide on approval based on your RP activity in our story. The Clan doesnt exist yet in our current RP story. It exists in form of the discord and its members. As the MMO storyline will be considered in the future compared to the stories in Driftwood, RP wise RRR will be formed soon after the current RP story that is occouring. As to the current RP you can join the story with your character as any profession you want, ie. farmer, Tanner, Banker ect. RPwise you becoming an RRR will not occur til later. But will be an RRR member presently in regards to its existense none the less. ___________________________________________ Members @Joseph Young @Malakai @Logan @Tobias Johanson @Niamh Whelan @Magdalena Harrington @Foster @Logan Sackett ___________________________________________ Member of the Legends of the Frontier Community Communication Discord: Coming Soon Forum: Coming Soon ___________________________________________ Let us know if you have any questions!
  8. The Posse Pursuit

    Roleplay for everyone, but until any further notice you can't communicate directly with me nor @Dealerface, for we begin with a dialogue to introduce the story :). However you can say things like "The two men we're talking a little too secretly, suspicious... I will eavesdrop on them to know what they're talking about!" Joining our two man army isn't possible either, but interacting with us sure is! Welp, that's about it, enjoy the roleplaying! Solid
  9. Howdy fellow Roleplayers. I have noticed that there isn't really a place for communities and clans of the roleplay community to come and find a place to call home. So this is what will happen in this thread. If you are a leader or representative of a roleplaying community or posse please make a post in this thread giving details about yourselves. I will create a List of Clans and Communities for players to look at and click on that will take them to your post. This way there is a one place stop to check out the different roleplay groups that are out there and you can figure out which one you want to be a part of. You could be a roleplayer looking for a Clan or community, or a Clan looking for a community, or a community looking for more clan. At the moment we are still unsure of how the servers will work. I will update this as we are given more information. Also if you have any suggestion to make this thread better or relay information better please let me know! Definitions Community: A community is a large group of players that agree on a term of rulings that their community and server will follow. A community can be made up of multiple posses, towns and solo players. Clan: A clan is a group of people that have a theme, idea and story working for them. They could be a group of sheriffs and deputies, or a band of outlaws, gambling sharks, working girls running their own brothel, cowboys, lynch mob, mercenaries, bounty hunters. It is a group of people that will be aiding, roleplaying and fighting together it is the clan, tribe or guild that can exist within a community. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Posting skeleton: Name: ( Name of community or posse. Image if you have one.) Server: ( Server type, roleplay is a given but may as well add it along with your community or posse is PvP or PvE ) Type: ( Community or Clan ) Location: (Where is the majority of you group from? ) About: ( Brief about your group, and the type of people you are and looking for and what you want to become. If you use discord, mumble or teamspeak, or a website to communicate with the rest of your group.) Description: ( Give us a brief roleplay discription. Could be of your hide out, your town, your brothel, saloon, bar or farm, a crime being committed, a crime being haulted, bounty being collected.) Contacts: ( who to contact about your group. give name and links to their profile, website links. Discord, teamspeak, mumble login info. )
  10. Roleplayers Discord!

    Lark here! Just informing those that are interested in roleplay that I will be creating a roleplay based channel in Discord. The channel will be used for plotting and character building purposes. Chatting and voice is purely optional! If you would like an invitation to the channel, please send me a message or inform me on the forum. -Lark
  11. Roleplayers Unite!

    Alright RPers, lets see your Characters name and BRIEF (please keep it quazi short and sweet) background story!!
  12. Have you ever dreamed of living in the wild west? When WWO is released will you live out that dream via your PC? Feel free to use this thread to post your channels and brag about your ideas. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and creating a family in the very wild world of WWO.