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Found 12 results

  1. From what we saw in the trailer we can see that alcohol exists in the game. Could this also possibly mean that food and other liquid resources can be used. Not typically in a survival way but more of health and effect way. These are just some ideas of what items could be found within the world and potential effects that different stuff have; [Base Health 100] - Only an Example Drinkable Items Water [Slowly regenerate 20 Health] Standard Alcohol [Player will experience dizziness, after around 4th - 5th drink they will not be able to run, walks slower and start to lose health due to possible alcohol poisoning] Moonshine [Same effects as Standard Alcohol, but it affects you quicker] Dirty Water [Slowly drop around 10 Health] Edible Items Bread [Instantly get 10 Health] Raw Meat [This can come from only big animals. You'll get food poisoning which makes you feel sick and slowly lose some health. Not sure how much] Cooked Meat [Instantly gain 40 Health] Raw Fish [Same effect as Raw Meat but slightly better] Cooked Fish [Instantly gain 20 Health] Fruit (Any) [Instantly gain 5 Health] Raw Vegetables [Instantly gain Health. Not sure how much] Cooked Vegetables [Instantly gain 15 Health?] Possible eat something from the wild? [Flowers, Unknown Food, Potential Posined Food] These are just ideas and my thoughts on items that could be in the game. I was unsure about a few items and could be a great idea to get some feedback and suggestions for more items and health. Thanks, Mad
  2. I have been looking through a topic about names. I see a lot of people are worried about people using names like "xXKilledUrNanXx". Could we have a naming system where you enter a first name and last name instead? This would filter out names like before. But we still have the chance of "xXKilled UrNanXx" so I move on to the next thing. When entering your name it should automatically set the case, so first letter of each name upper case the rest lower case. Suddenly that turns into "Xxkilled Urnanxx", which is better but still a problem. Further steps would be add filtered words. Also, as there will be a report player option, maybe a report name option. When this button is pressed, it notifies someone high up. They then can choose whether it is allowed or not, if not then it could splash up on that players screen "Please choose a new name" with the two boxes to enter the new name. Once they press enter on that, the person who decided the previous name was not allowed should have to accept or decline the new one. Also having a naming system like this opens up for opportunity like, when interacting with another player it only displays their first name. Ps. Can we have a place to put our suggestions and ideas instead of general discussion? Kind Regards, - Blurr
  3. Will we be able to customize the look of the weapons? or maybe buy gun skins?
  4. Suggestion

    I do not know if it was already spoken, if was, sorry... My suggestion is and since the horse will only have the functionality of riding, We can equip our horse with extra bags, this would allow us to increase our capacity of the bag. With that we added another utility to the horse. Another suggestion I leave here in the air is to be able to carry up to two people. This would work if the riding of the game was expensive, with that, we could give a ride to anyone who did not have a horse. However, and by this facility, lower the speed of the horse by 20 to 30%. Let's assume the following scenario, I'm with a friend of mine in the group, whose mission is to go get treasure of which is 10km away, yet my friend has not mounted but I have ... and letting him walk would be painful , So being able to share my ride with him would be to enjoy the game better and to experience more of the game. And finally, horses should be fed in order to sustain them. Yes that's right, but what is the interest of this should you ask .. in my head to have a riding is a privilege and as such we should give continued attention in order to fight for the contribution they give us (in this case the suitcases and the advantage To help give someone a ride). This all I said only makes sense if the mount is expensive and difficult to achieve and not an easy thing to have access to. I hope some developers will post their eyes on this topic because it can be a little help. now I want my payment. thx!
  5. There's always the good things about games. Always good. But how about some bad... Like counterfeit money. Which could be made if you had a printing press or whatever the currency is. Obviously this would be dependent on if the money is stored in inventory or its own counter BUT if it is stored in the inventory, counterfeit money could look and be the same as normal currency However way less and would not be accepted by NPC's. It would be acquired via inventory trade P2p and such. On Top of that, moonshine : ) who wouldn't like to get their friends drunk, with some "oozy" walking and tumbling - good for killing a target easily too
  6. It will be possible to player sheriffs and Bounty Hunters to catch player outlaws alive and bring in the town square to hang them? or we just have to kill them and receive the reward? and we will have to carry corpses to town receive the reward?
  7. Hey, so a change of pace from recent forum discussions. I've noticed that all threads here contain 50 posts per page, and even with one liners that still results in quite a lot of scrolling. I was wondering if the mods could reduce this to either 10 or 20 posts per page. With the change, it would result in topics having more pages but less scrolling to get to new messages. Here are some examples of longer threads on this forum: I know that I could just use pgdown, dragging the scroll bar, arrow keys etc. but I think most people tend to use the scroll wheel. What does everyone else think? Make a change? Not bothered? I need to scroll faster?
  8. Bounty Idea

    So- Thanks to someone on discord an Idea kicked in. There should be a global Bounty- board. Kinda like a leaderboard. But while also being in a server if someone has a bounty they will have their character image on a wanted poster, that tells the price of their bounty and what they did. That would be placed in multiple locations, mostly in towns. and random other areas. Definitely adds a touch to the game _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Comments? Ideas? Make sure to share. Might not ever be implemented, but it will def add to the idea pot.
  9. Forum Re-Layout

    Basically, Structured areas- Having everything in one "forum section" can be- messy. Such a format suggestion is: News & Announcements Dev Blogs •Dev Discussion (for normal-user responses) General Discussion Gang Discussion •Recruitment •Official Gangs •Unofficial Gangs •Bounty Board Suggestions (Tags such as "Forum" "Game") Support (Tags such as "Account" "In-Game") User Content (Tags such as "Art" "Video") ==Hidden== Alpha Feedback Alpha Suggestions Alpha Support Beta Feedback Beta Suggestions Beta Support Etc.. Could have more of a "general" area too, where its like sharing other discussions (non-political) Just an Idea. You can always add more If you come up with it
  10. I think Wild West Online does not have a good, impactating name. When people look at the name of the game, i bet they think in these horrible p2w online games, because of the "online" on it. Does Someone have a suggestion for the name? I thought in something like "Winds of the West" (i know it's totally lame lol)
  11. Semi-Permanent Traps

    I hope players can set 'semi-permanent' traps. * Only high-skilled trappers / explorers can see other players' deployed traps. * Trap will become useless (but still collectable/resettable) after certain period of time --due to weather/rust/decay. * Various types: small animal traps (small cage-looking thing), big animal traps (beartraps, etc), combat traps? (for ambush/defending your properties/etc) * General stores only sell a limited amount of traps (to prevent 'sea of traps'), until the current one are decayed. I think it is beneficial for players and the game.. Benefit for players: can gain passive incomes even when logged off. Benefit for the game: motivate players to log back in to check their traps (or other players may loot it). Benefit for other players: incentives to 'explore' every nook and crannies of the huge open-world map. Yae or Nay? 5/26 updates: Mission accomplished: Traps confirmed! Q: Is there any plan to let players set 'traps' in the game?A: Players will be able to set traps to catch small animals like rabbits, or setup traps and proximity explosives to damage other players. 5/25 updates: Current QUESTIONS for the community: 1. Is it okay to let anyone 'loot' other players' successful catch immediately, or should there be an exclusive period (for the trap owner to loot) ? 2. Is it okay for a higher-level trapper to dismantle, and 'steal'/re-allocate another players crafted traps? 3. What is the acceptable time (how many day/night cycles) can a trap stays active in the wild? Brainstorm away! Let devs decide later.. =)
  12. Facial Hair

    There's a trend among survival games and newer/EA MMOs where they'll have a million and one customization options for hair, tattoos, scars, body shape and size, but the best facial hair you can get is a soul patch or something. Please, let me live out my childhood fantasy of being a dynamite-chucking lunatic prospector with a big beard.