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Found 4 results

  1. Was it intented in the trailer that before he went to the clothing store his character had hair but when he got out he was bald ? I'm asking because I'm curious whether it was just an early-alpha bug or will we actually have a possibility to not only change our clothes in the clothing store but our hairstyle too ? Was this quetion answered somewhere? If so, then please link it.
  2. So! I figured we could have a big thread for over-analyzing the new trailer along with the old screenshots etc. Pick out things some might have missed. Familiar locations from different angles. What we see on the map etc! I can start by saying that I sadly have used up my limit for adding images to my posts somehow. But that I noticed the sweet little article in the too right of the newspaper 📰 --------- - Custom Mill - to miners and mine operators Or anyone who should come into bodily possession of certain desirable materials (hey, we ain't judgin') The Silverton & Durango & Reduction Co IS PREPARED TO Receive and Treat, or Purchase Gold, and Silver Ores of all grades, and in all lots and sizes, from 100 pounds to 10 000 tons. If said Gold or Silver should happen to come in the form of 'recently acquired' jewelry and such, well, we'll melt that down too. No questions asked. ----------- This is a fun little article that definitely indicates that we can have a lot of fun and make a little profit from sneaking around and do some serious thievery. We can also see the white church ⛪ from the screenshots in the background of the town after he has stolen the bottle of whiskey. I'll add the images when I can Let the analyzing and fun begin!
  3. Hello everyone! Just as we can see the gameplay trailer is out and here I create a topic to gather all the opinions on the gameplay: what we like, what we don't like. As for me what I really don't like are the animations. I already gave my opinion on it yesterday in the topic about leaked images. Those are exactly the same animations which we can see in LMS. They are to stiff and really ruin the overall feel of the wild west. Give me your thoughts on the trailer
  4. Gameplay Trailer is Live!