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Centralized information and Organization tips?

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No offense but where is the organization?

You need :
A Bug Reporting System - Bugzilla or Mantis software would be a free flexible choice..
You have too many posts all over the place (steam and here) with no centralized set in stone threads. Close the steam discussions as they are worthless as shit and just use these as the "official" forums. You can redirect from your steam page. And if it were up to me...let this domain expire or just redirect it to an official domain (newfrontieronline.com or whatever) separate this game from the playwwo.com for obvious reasons.

Centralized Information for everybody:
1 suggestion thread (for players to suggest / request features to be added)
1 development thread (whats being worked on at the minute by the devs)
1 known issues (known issues and listing of non-functioning features not yet implemented)
1 announcements / patch note thread (for special news and all patch notes)

It's lacking a lot of basic information needed for starting players.

I'm not trying to be an asshole, I'm just trying to help as I found it very confusing trying to find any information about my issues with the game. Yes I understand this is an alpha right now...that's why I posted some ideas / observations I had. This game has a shit ton of potential : I would hate to see it fall apart because the devs were stubborn etc.....

I'm only being critical because I would like you guys to succeed. Very good start devs, thanks for all the hard work so far!

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