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Sheriff Billy

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Howdy partners!

We know we haven't posted anything lately, we are really sorry about that.
We worked on new material and a new way when it comes to base building and also tried to find the issue with disappearing interiors. This is a very difficult issue and it takes time to find the problem as it's not easily reproduced.
We also want to announce that there are 2 more languages coming on the upcoming patch. Along with some players, we translated the game into German and Portuguese. More language will come on a later state.

The most asked question is about when Season 2 will start and we don't really have a date for that but we already started working on and there are just some small adjustments left.

Soon we are also going to release Magnificent 5 which will be like a Battle Royale version of New Frontier. Together with this patch, we are also rolling out a performance patch for the New Frontier map and some fixes when it comes to bugs and server crashes.

Feel free to ask your question below and we will try to answer it. Keep in mind, we can't answer everything as long we don't have enough information.


//New Frontier Community Team

📌Support: https://support.playnewfrontier.com
📌Discord: http://discord.gg/newfrontier
📌Website: http://www.playnewfrontier.com
📌Twitter: https://twitter.com/newfrontiergame
📌Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1104640/New_Frontier/

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3 minutes ago, PopaOG said:

Do you guys know when the loyalty system and the level system for vendors will be implemented?

It is planned to come together with missions for it but it is not planned for the upcoming patch. (info 2019-12-06)

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