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Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

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Joseph Young    15

Welcome to Driftwood

A Brief History

The Civil War effected the nation through out its reaches. From the war itself, and the way it severed ties with families, or to its effect on the economy, the United States would not be the same. Among those forever changed, was retired Union Colonel Joseph Young. To aid in his recovery, and to seek peace from the atrocities of the war, he drifted west to the Arizona Territory, where upon a winding river he built a cabin and began to rebuild his life.

Soon after he was joined by the Sergeant Major of the 1st Mass. Volunteer Cavalry that Joseph had commanded. His long friend Malakai Finnegan built a ranch of his own not far from Young's cabin, along the river that would later be known as the Rio Rojo "Red River".

Over the next 5 years, more ex-soldiers, farmers, settlers gathered in the Rio Rojo Valley along the river as they too were escaping from the harsh outcome of th war to try and better their lives. In 1870, after Joseph and Malachi first settled the area, the town of Driftwood was founded. A home to those set a drift during a turbulent period of war.

Over the next 7 years, Driftwood would undergo a period of growth, tragedy and change.

Joseph Young @Joseph Young  having been the Chief US Marshal would eventually retire, becoming the AZ Territory Circuit Judge. His first action was to hang Emma "Emerald" Collins in the streets of Driftwood.

Malakai Finnegan @Malakai semi-retired as Deputy US Marshal and becomes the town Sheriff, assisting Marshals and Rangers on an as needed basis.

Logan Sackett @HondoSacketthas continued as the Chief AZ Territory Ranger

Niamh Whelan @Niamh Whelan still owns and runs the hotel. It was renamed from the "Sourel" to "Sackett's Rest" Hotel in honor of Driftwood's first Sheriff and Mayor William Sackett, who was fatally wounded by the villainous Emma "Emerald" Collin. Niamh became acting Mayor until a newly elected replacement has been appointed.

Tobias Johnson @Tobias Johanson is still kicking around on his Ranch outside of town, as well as running the General Store.

Jake Foster @FosterCo-Owner of the town Sign Shop has been missing for the last 7 years

OOC Introduction

Driftwood itself began as an RP Forum Environment whee players awaiting the development of "another game", would interact in a full interactive environment using the forums. Everyone helped select the names of the town, the river, and future expansions into other states. The forum was set up so everyone joining the RP would have their own character which was set in a list, people could own houses and business in the town "see the attached images", and would subsequently run and RP their life on the forums.

We would like to do something similar here. The central point of interest of this initial RP environment would be the town of Driftwood. The businesses and houses owned by past returning RP community members have claimed those buildings again with their back stories and history of interactions in the town intact. There will be buildings currently empty, jobs currently available, and other empty plots available for people to acquire. At which time our genius of a Graphic Artist Jake @Foster would add your house/business to the overhead land map.

All purchases and transactions and possessions would all be purely RP. But later change to this, acquiring of funds etc may become possible depending on activity.


RP Game Staff

@Joseph Young, Lead Game Master

@Malakai, Game Master and Lead RP Master
@Logan Sackett, RP Master
@Niamh Whelan, RPMaster

Current Story Archs
"Death and Vengeance in Driftwood", run by @Niamh Whelan
"The unseen warriors power",run by @Logan Sackett

All questions and inquires for a storyline should be directed to the respective RP master that is running it.

Joining the RP

There are a number of steps we ask all new participants to do when joining.

1. Read the last 2 pages so you get a gist of the state of the town and what is going on.

2. Read the Buying Land and Building Structures rules to get an idea of how to get your own house or business or even ranch/farm going. Read info at:

3. Check out the Maps at the bottom of this thread to get an idea of how the town and surrounding area looks.

4. It is best not to assume a profession or job until you know what is available in our RP world. Best thing to do is contact @Joseph Young or @Malakai to help figure out where you can fit into the world based on your desires for a story.

5. Join us on Discord for live conversations about the RP at

6. Finally, you may now go ahead and post your first post by Creating and Introducing your Character.

Creating and Introducing your Character

When first joining the RP, your first post should be something of the sort like "Character Name" arrives at the Train Station/on a Stage Coach or some such way as having arrived and give a little background as to who you are, your kind of education, business, etc, then you are welcome to start RPing. Your Character name will then be added to our list, updated when you take on a profession in town, adding your address of your house and/or business etc.

All New Participants arrive at the town with $500

Rules and Important Tables

Buying Land and Building Structures

Read info:

Basic Success vs Failure Check for key RP Interactions

Whether it be an attempt at a knife stab or gun shot or picking a cell lock thses two formulas will be used. Change in the number may be adjusted by RP Mods at any time due to difficulty.

So how does this work?

Person 1 fires at Person 2. Both roll d100. Depending on how close each number is to each other will determine success vs failure.

Anyone can call for a success vs failure check at anytime for interactions.

Combat To Hit Roll - 1d100

1-30 roll difference = miss

31-90 roll difference = non-fatal hit

91-100 roll difference = fatal hit. d6 rounds for a doctor to show up or for ppl to say farewells ect. IF Dr arrives wounded and Dr roll 1d100


Surviving a Fatal Wound Roll 1d100 - Gumption adds a bonus to the roll equal to its stat. IE, a 16 rolled, the defender has Gumption of 5, makes the roll -5 making it 11, which would be enough to save their life.

1-15 roll difference  = Saves their life. 1d6 for rounds of recovery before walking again.

16-99 roll  difference = PERMA DEATH of character after the remaining d6 rounds.

100 = Insta Death

Cover of Defender - a minus to the To Hit roll based on the % of cover someone has.

100% gives -75 to roll

75% gives -50 to roll

50% gives -25 to roll

25% gives -5 to roll

Skill Bonus of  Attacker - a plus to the To Hit roll based on the skill rank of a respective weapon.

For Non Combat

1-30 Roll Difference = Succes

31-90 Roll Difference = Fail, anyone can try again

91-100 Roll Difference = Critical Fail and no one can try again ie broke the lock

Adjustment to ranges under discretion of RP Moderators.

Live Dice Rolling
Please join as Roll20 so LIVE rolling that everyone can see is viewable and interactive
Copy and Paste this URL into your browser:

If you do not have an account, create one then it should show you as a member of the "campaign." If it does not just go to the link again if you are logged in.

List of Characters

Ba'cho "The Wolf" Lobo @Wulf, Bounty Hunter

Elenore Haskins @Miss Elenore Haskins , Wife of Robert Haskins

Elesse Tibadeaux @Elesse Tibadeaux

Father Ciaran @Fr. Ciarán, Priest at Town Church

Henry "The Whistler@Arky, Bounty Hunter

Jake Foster @Foster, Co-Owner of Foster's Sign Shop, currently Missing

Jack Lincoln @Jack Lincoln, Owner of the Freight Office

James Gavin @James Gavin, Professional Gambler

James Wight @James Wight,

Josiah Dawson @Josiah Dawson, Banker

Joseph Young @Joseph Young AZ Circuit Judge and Owner of Young's Lumbermill

Laney Brittle @Janegotagun, Madame

Logan Sackett @HondoSackett, AZ Ranger, Husband of Winter Sackett

Malakai Finnegan @Malakai, Retired US Marshall, Owner of Finnegan's Firearms and Livery, Co-Owner of the Sign Shop

Magdalena Harrington @Magdalena Harrington, Owner of the Silver Blade Saloon

Monique Rousseau @Monique Rousseau

Niamh Whelan @Niamh Whelan, Owner of "Sackett's Rest" and acting Mayor

Tobias Johnson @Tobias Johanson, Owner of the T-Hook Ranch and General Store

Winter Cadieux (Sackett) @Winter Sackett Town Doctor, Undertaker and Taxidermist. Wife of Logan Sackett

William Braun @GabeNewbie


Residences and Businesses

Inside of Driftwood
1. Cemetery - Unclaimed
8. Court House - Judge Joseph Young presiding
9. Bank - Available
10. Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Malakai Finnegan
11. Cadiuex Clinic - Doctor Winter Cadiuex Sackett
12. Newspaper Office - Available
14. Town Hall - acting Mayor Niamh Whelan
15. Sackett's Rest Hotel - Owned by Naimh Whelan
16. Silver Blade Saloon - Owned by Magdalena Harrington
17. House of Magdalena Harrington
19. General Store - Owned by Tobias Johanson
20Marshal/Ranger Station

21. Jack's Freight - Owned by Jack Lincoln
22. Finnegan's Firearms
23. Finnegan Foster's Livery
- Owned by Malakai Finnegan and Jake Foster
43. House of Joseph Young
44. School House - No Teacher

Outskirts of Driftwood
45. Finnegan Ranch - Owned by Malakai Finnegan
52. Sackett Ranch - Owned by Logan and Winter Sackett
56. Abandoned Ranch
- Available
60. Whelan Ranch - Owned by Niamh Whelan





























Driftwood Map v5.jpg

Driftwood Court House v3.jpg

Driftwood Sheriff's Office v1.jpg

Driftwood Church v1.jpg

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Malakai    20

Malakai sat quietly in the old char he had inherited with the job of playing sheriff to a town he had come to call home over a decade before, soon that town would be performing it's first legally ordered hanging for not only the killing of his predecessor, but for crimes in the area too many to count, including an escape from the very cell she now sat in. Times had been tough between the goodbyes and the trial, but soon enough justice would be served and that time couldn't come soon enough. In the lot across the way the gallows were already being erected, come dawn the nightmare of the past few weeks would come to a close.

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Niamh Whelan    16

Niamh Whelan, the now 28 year old Mayor/Hotel Owner, walked over to the sheriff's office and puts a plate of food on the desk.  Her ankle length fire red hair pulled back into multiple braids, vibrate green eyes studying her old friend. "Think you are being a bit hard on yourself, Mal. "  Her Irish accent thick, but no less lovely.   She also did not bring food for the prisoner as she could not trust herself to be near the woman.   

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Arky    34

Henry rode into Driftwood, lips lightly clenching a cigarette while the smoke rose to his eyes. Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out a bounty and looked at it for a moment before placing it back in his pocket. Trotting his way over to the hotel he tied his horse up and stepped inside. His face was covered in dirt and sweat, plopping his hat down on the desk he looked around to see if anybody was there. 


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Joseph Young    15

Joesph, sat sitting at a nearby table in the Hotel tables sipping at his coffee when he sees a dusty rider walk in.

Turning to the stranger, "If you are looking for the proprieter, she is over at the Sheriff's office." Joseph stands up and walks with a slight limp over to the newcomer wirh an out reached hand in greeting. "Joseph Young. And you are?"

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Malakai    20

Malakai got up shrugging his bad shoulder slightly and eying Collins in her cell for a moment before heading over to the coffee pot. " the way I figure it I'm being just hard enough. If I could drag this one out in the street and shoot her for everyone to see I likely would if it wasn't for the fact that goes against what we stand for. You want some coffee?" Looking out the window of the office he noted a stranger riding up the hotel and just rolling in. " on the other hand seems we have a stranger coming in, best go greet him. I'm not up for trusting anybody until this hanging business is over" Setting down the pot and nodding to his deputy, Malakai snags the 10 gauge from the rack  and heads to the door  holding it for Naimh.

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Niamh Whelan    16

She thanks him and exits the office, heading towards the hotel. It was going to be a long few days until Collins was hung and then finally the town could get some peace.  Entering the hotel, she makes way to the dining area, spotting Joseph and the newcomer.  "Evening, gents. " 

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Malakai    20

Malakai steps into the hotel and quietly sits near the doorway as not to disrupt Niamh's business. The years have giving way to a bit more gray than before and aside from his regiment buckle on the gun belt and the engraving on his old Walker he wears he had given up wearing the union blue for more civilian clothing over the past few years. Keeping one eye on the stranger he offers a brief nod to Joe before lighting a cigar.

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Joseph Young    15

Joseph moves his inquiring gaze from the stranger to watch Malakai and Niamh enter the hotel. " Hello you two. I was just letting this gentlemen know your whereabouts, presumably so he can get a room." Looking back at his empty cup on the table. I could use another cup of coffee if possible."

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Wulf    127

Ba'cho "The Wolf" Lobo rode into town on Black horse, his eyes took in the town and its people as they went about their business. Some stopped to stare at the new comer but most paid no mind. Taking his time to move along the streets to get some idea of the town before he found himself outside the towns hotel.

Discounting his horse as he secured it to the wooden beam that a few other horses where tied to. One of the horses He recognised. Henry The Whistler was here already. Petting his horse some before pulling an apple from his saddle bags and giving it to his horse. " Behave, no kicking folks... unless they try to steal you. " The horse responded with some nickering as it happily consumed it's apple.

He walked onto the wooden porch and pushed open the doors as he entered, with each step his heavy leather boots made their low but deep based thud in rythyme to a strong Hunter like walk. Taking off his brown leather hat from his head as his eyes dark hazel eyes adjusted to the new lighting. His tanned colored skin gave away his native ancestry, but it was to light for him to be a pureblood. His black and brown hair pulled back revealing the shaved sides and back of his head as the braided length of hair danced across the back of his broad shoulders.

His face was sun kissed and his long brown cowhide jacket was covered in dust from the winds and hung down to his knees. The front of his jacket was open revealing the deer skinned vest below and harness that strapped over the vest, the harness held two knives to be seen on his side's and some extra ammo. His belt hugged his hips holding a colt frontier, and a massive knife that one could argue may have been a sword. Worn leather chaps covered dark trousers beneath.

His eyes danced to each person, looking them over. Only to The Whistler did he give a nod before walking to the main desk for the hotel. " Any capable of providing a room? "

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