Visual Character Profiles

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Soup    124
1 hour ago, Miss Dee said:

Amazing as always @Soup!!


3 minutes ago, Gobannus said:

@Soup Another fine example of your work. Well done Sir.

Thanks guys. I appreciate that.


1 hour ago, Mason Wales said:

How does he do that do i have to pay @Soup

No sir. I don't charge anything. The character artwork is not mine. I 'borrow' it and just do the layout stuff. Charging would be bad. 

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Gobannus    90
On 8/13/2017 at 3:22 AM, Aleksandr Black said:

Collected all the cards in one place


1 hour ago, Winged Lady said:

@Soup And you continue to work on the cards?

The link won't work for me. I know @Soup does great work, I assume the character profiles is what you are talking about when you refer to cards but I could be wrong.



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