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  5. Flares dont worth

    Update: Today the flared balloons got a change. They enlarged the loot tabel and they rised the price up to 699 TN. I tested it and it was ok. For me flares now worth more, but the price is to high. Case closed.
  6. Research lost

    So you have to find the blueprints
  7. I had researched the CT Preacher and Sawn off but now both say blueprint needed
  8. Shattered Skies: Badlands

    Can you give some info about the game on the offical Shattered Skies forum please?
  9. Map locations 100?

  10. Map locations 100?

    Yeee haaa 100 locations found lol.
  11. Flares dont worth

    Update: Ten days passed by. No chaneges concerning the drop rate of uncommon or rare weapons and blueprints. The only thing they have done is to rise the price of the flares massively up to 495 TN (apox 12 Euro for 20 flares). I asked for the reason on discord, but nobody could tell me. The devs not responding or answering. To rise the price for an almost useless item and dont fix the ussues with that item is a very bad idea and a very bad call to the player community. For me it sounds like "we are the devs, we dont care about that what the players want or complaining about, we do what we want to do". And of course, it was a very bad timing. They raised the price shortly after the announcement of RDR2/RDO for PC. Sonds like "grab what you can, the end is near". Note to the devs: take back the price of the flares. Fix the issues with the drop rate of uncommon or rare weapons and blueprints at the balloon event. Both immediatealy. I dont like to talk about this issue again and again. I dont like to write negative about the developement. But some issues should be adressed. If nobody talking about, nothing will ever happen.
  12. Stuttering and freezing

    Update, removing RTS from windows 10 worked for me. Its the SSD. Certain of it. I had to uninstall RTS from windows, since they wont let you just turn it off. lol Then it was silky smooooth. all the time.
  13. We've also fixed your XP gain, which should be higher by now.
  14. That's because you've hit level 50, which is the max level.
  15. Map locations 100?

    I'm stuck at 99, any help would be appreciated, I have found Eagle Mountain already.
  16. login wont work

    That means you have an account with this steam account but not with this email address. I recommend you to submit a ticket, they can look at which email you used, etc. https://support.playnewfrontier.com
  17. Earlier
  18. i try to login on my account same email as here and i can not reset password -.- and i cant create a new account it says already linked an account to this steam -.-
  19. hola! por que no se suman los season points???
  20. Help us to make the game better!

    RDR 2 for PC will be released soon. Do you think that New Frontier will survive next month (or will survive Read Dead online)? I dont think that the devs will be able to do what they wanted to do, including the private servers. The player base is dropping. Do you hear the noisy sound of silence concerning your question from dev side? Its the same sound you can hear if you aks for their future plans. I still like this game, but i have no hope.
  21. season point

    hola! el problema mio es que no se suman los season points, he perdido 2x4 del bonus diario i tampoco se suman los de las misiones! un saludo, Lucy
  22. Help us to make the game better!

    Release private servers people paid for, so the people waiting can build a community around your game, help populate a current community with a private server of your game That would be the most ideal for solution for me.
  23. Help us to make the game better!

    That sounds cool but I just wanna make sure, that you understand the suggestion system. You have to go to https://support.playnewfrontier.com and login and hit the suggestion tab. there you post your suggestion and let the community up or down vote. We will forward the ones with the most upvotes to the DEV Team and they will decide the rest.
  24. salut contacte moi discord Varan#1282 on est un petit groupe expérimenté qui joue tout les soirs(moyenne d age 29 ans ) =)
  25. Help us to make the game better!

    How about you make some tower defense mechanics wen you release zombies. Allow us to use those traps, even recruit some different types of npcs to help us defend our base. I would also like to customize or level up those defenders with cosmetics that we earned from season pass or bought. Weapons or clothing earned from some boss raids could be legendary with some extra perk. Those cosmetics might boost some stats also. Maybe send npcs on some timed missions, tend to our farm, or slowly gather some resources, craft materials. If we log in regularly, we might collect those materials they have collected. It would give us decision to make, that either we would send them regularly away on mission or keep them to make defense stronger during zombie attacks. Let us equip them with guns that we can craft. We also need more mechanics to grind for traps, or maybe seasonal schematics or guns. This way players that play regularly would be recognized for having unique combination of gear. Let us also upgrade building walls to make them stronger, traps to make them more effective like we can upgrade weapons. And more missions would be nice, maybe on extra map to raid trains, escort a caravan. Are you planing to implement seasons? If you do then it would be nice if we can't farm during winter so we have to prepare for it. Stockpile wood as source of heat or even mine coal, then farm food for us and npcs. owning bar or whores in city would be nice thing to invest, or at least if we could buy spot at market where we could trade some materials or guns. Profesions with specialized skills might be interesting and give us reason to level up more characters, or at least give those professions to our npcs. More character customization... i would like to be fat teethles ugliest sob in the wild west. And let us also smoke those cigars, not just sell them. Some boost from them might be nice.
  26. Coolest Building so far

    I have a fully decorated large house that is open to the public on US server 13 on the river just west of Vainbank if anyone would like to take a look. It is over 1k in slots and about 90% complete. I would appreciate any comments.
  27. Community Servers Release Update

    Hello I was just wondering if an update was available for the community servers to be released. Thank You. Hope to hear from you soon.
  28. Patch 10.03.2019 Changelog

    thanks guys I placed 2 farms and 3 traps within my claim and they disappeared within 25 mins, not happy as I only had 1 wheat seeds and only placed it when you said it was permanent still bugs and town capture has some bugs in it also.
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