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  2. Sheirff

    New players only get a small land deed at the start.
  3. Today
  4. Sheirff

    thanks got it for sure tank you a lot for that but now i have to ask you why i did get a smal one and avery new player did get a big one the big one is 4 times amount of the smal one not want to be ungrateful but if we can do it you may have to detroy both of my land lots and give me a big one as all the player have got for free i hope you undestand because i am a 40 year old dutch but my english is not that good now it is for me 2 time the amount of resourses to keep the building up becaus of 2 maps instead of 1
  5. Sheirff

    Yeah you probably have to re-join the server.
  6. Sheirff

    alright i look in the post office and ther is noting in the mailbox a wil log off and look again but is that the same as al the people get becaus i have got one from the bank at those are smaller then the one my friend has got in the post office as al the player get
  7. Sheirff

    I gave you a small land deed inside your mailbox which you can open by interacting with the post office NPC.
  8. Sheirff

    no i do have now 1 it is a smal a ducht man John... was coming To The EU official 014 from eu official 015 and hé loan me 50 gold so i can play for a while thill the admins have get to a sollution for me that why i dont get it if a had it before it will come back to you in the post office and that is not so i ask you what we can do about it so i get as every player the same thing to build the same may bey you can give me the land lot large or maybey you can give me the amount of gold i am playing on the eu official 014 right now
  9. Sheirff

    That account has a land deed placed down means you don't have to get one from the game. We only give you one if you don't have any. Or maybe you gave us the wrong character name?
  10. Sheirff

  11. Nice

    Good game
  12. Sheirff

    Tell me your character's name and I will have a look.
  13. Sheirff

    i do not get the free larg land lot in my post office or inventory so the makers of the game have to give me one in the post office or elswere or maybe 250 gold so i can buy one it is not fair if every player get on for free and i dont get one
  14. Sheirff

    Where exactly you have issues?
  15. Wild West Online

    Hey there. When it comes to this then I have to tell you, that New Frontier has nothing really to do with WWO. The only part which we took over was the user logins. All the cosmetics or items were wiped and an amount of premium currency got added to the account depends how much has been wiped.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Wild West Online

    Hello, I would like to know what becomes cosmetics that I bought on Wild West Online
  18. Sheirff

    hello you and the other Staff members do play mabey online and post stuf like this but you do NOT help other player that have a problem in game but the are paying players so please help help help and read the message that all players get a free land lot and i dont so fix this please
  19. Sheirff

    That feature exists but not finished at the moment.
  20. Last week
  21. Sheirff

    Was wondering if a person can actually make sheirff on the game and go out looking for the Bad Guys ?
  22. Trains

    But what about just adding the train would that be a good idea ?
  23. Base Security

    Thanks Kuux, thats another thing, its unclear to me still as to what takes damage and what doesn't. Foundations and decorative crates seemed to not take any damage. Like you suggested, I had relocated my base to a rural bear infested area of the map. The bears I thought would offer some security. As far as designs for a secure base I would gladly accept any advice you can give me. Maybe I can show you what I put together and you can test for vulnerabilities. Thanks in advance.
  24. Base Security

    Hi your base can be 100% secure, but frist need find someplace is rare to someone visited or create some way even they destroy some iron wall/foundation they can't go in. (If need help in build something like that i can help in giving some advice how to build) Best regards, Sheriff Kuux
  25. Base Security

    Can a base be 100% secure? After being cleaned out of all my loot I found that I was really motivated to improve on my base design. So I did just that, relocated, redesigned and started all over. The second time I was driven to find the person and get even but that has lead me no where. This 3rd time is the last time. Without the option of complete base security, no matter the cost, I cant see myself going any longer.
  26. Trains

    I would be happy if we could at least ride the train It might be too hard to code into the game.
  27. Trains

    Thank you , i was thinking about to stay on the train you have to go kill zombies that have climbed on there.
  28. Zombies?

    Yes @Jing I really enjoyed those events!
  29. Zombies?

    stagecoach event, relic hunter, rag to riches, misfortune in the sky + town capture in the open world map with our horse...that was better. Actually, it's a pve game, wwo was a focus pvp game. we can't compare . Here, it's a new game, not really a reboot... But if the old events are adding with this new big map, that will sound very nice
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