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  3. Sheirff

    Was wondering if a person can actually make sheirff on the game and go out looking for the Bad Guys ?
  4. Trains

    But what about just adding the train would that be a good idea ?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Base Security

    Thanks Kuux, thats another thing, its unclear to me still as to what takes damage and what doesn't. Foundations and decorative crates seemed to not take any damage. Like you suggested, I had relocated my base to a rural bear infested area of the map. The bears I thought would offer some security. As far as designs for a secure base I would gladly accept any advice you can give me. Maybe I can show you what I put together and you can test for vulnerabilities. Thanks in advance.
  7. Base Security

    Hi your base can be 100% secure, but frist need find someplace is rare to someone visited or create some way even they destroy some iron wall/foundation they can't go in. (If need help in build something like that i can help in giving some advice how to build) Best regards, Sheriff Kuux
  8. Base Security

    Can a base be 100% secure? After being cleaned out of all my loot I found that I was really motivated to improve on my base design. So I did just that, relocated, redesigned and started all over. The second time I was driven to find the person and get even but that has lead me no where. This 3rd time is the last time. Without the option of complete base security, no matter the cost, I cant see myself going any longer.
  9. Last week
  10. Trains

    I would be happy if we could at least ride the train It might be too hard to code into the game.
  11. Trains

    Thank you , i was thinking about to stay on the train you have to go kill zombies that have climbed on there.
  12. Zombies?

    Yes @Jing I really enjoyed those events!
  13. Zombies?

    stagecoach event, relic hunter, rag to riches, misfortune in the sky + town capture in the open world map with our horse...that was better. Actually, it's a pve game, wwo was a focus pvp game. we can't compare . Here, it's a new game, not really a reboot... But if the old events are adding with this new big map, that will sound very nice
  14. Здраствуйте путь это звучит не гуманно ! И да я все понемаю что ваша игра находится в бетто тестирование ! но у меня есть прозьба добавте ботов в игру пока у вас не выростит онлайн игроков ! так как сидеть чесами и недождатся входа в игру это не есть хорошо !!! подумайте над этим !
  15. Zombies?

    I think the devs just need to get rid of all the blood guts/gore/zombies and bring back the old world from Wild West Online. Back then we had lots of towns and banks/stagecoaches to rob, tents/houses to loot.
  16. Trains

    I think that's a fantastic idea @Scott Lincoln
  17. Clothes Missing

    Some of the garment bags are not able to be purchased.
  18. Clothes Missing

    Still missing clothing. I have some stuff returned but not all. Still missing 90% of bandannas i paid for. I paid for this stuff that is missing from my inventory. If you need a specific list, I can give you it
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  20. Trains

    How about when we buy a train ticket to go place's we can actually hop on a train that turns up to pick us up to the place's where we would to go ?
  21. New Creatures

    Would like to see new new creatures like snakes and scopions , so when killed we can use them for potions for health or strength Or maybe lions so if they are killed we can take there dead skins and use them as clothing such as jackets ?
  22. Patch 03.17.2020 Changelog

    No, that is a bug and we are working on a fix for it. Please join our discord server for live updates. Greetings,
  23. Patch 03.17.2020 Changelog

    Are the vendor levels supposed to reset when disconnecting, or switching servers? I don't know, maybe from taking too many multiple vendor missions at once?
  24. Patch 03.17.2020 Changelog

    Can you Fix the tutorial quests please??? The "kill 1 monsters..." objetive don't let me continue the tutorial line... Hope to get good news about that soon...
  25. Zombies?

    Has looting become almost impossible for anyone else because of the zombies? There are a few places where you can go into the main structure and they wont follow. Most though are not like that. Am I missing something? For example, how do you safely go into the house at the Milroy farm? I've tried to go stealth, rushing in, guns blazing. I put up spikes as a barrier, ( they just go around btw, they take no damage) nothing works.
  26. незнаюэтого

  27. Patch 01.24.2020 Hotfix

    money in the game is not adding up out of the game wallet says 2 dollars and in the game 30,000,000 something can you please fix this problem for me i like this game but it would a lot better if i can buy stuff out of the game the zombies or so cool!!!!!! thanks art
  28. Patch 03.17.2020 Changelog

    Fixed a client crash which was caused when the spiked barricades exploded. Fixed some descriptions of base build objects. From now on you will be able to craft the HP Repeater Ammo after learning the Blueprint. Fixed description of a 2x XP buff. Fixed a bug where the player was getting randomly XP while not doing anything and leveled up and after disconnecting you rolled back in levels. Animal Traps has been fixed. Now you can do damage while shooting them. We started working on the cover of the Vendors for loyalty levels. Vendor Loyalty is there. We have started with the Gunsmith, Doctor, and Butcher. More will come in future updates. We have unlocked 10 missions for each Vendor for now, we want to see how long it takes for players to level up the loyalty. All these missions have a 12-hour cooldown, that means if you complete all the 10 missions, then you can redo them after 12 hours again. We have changed the amount of XP which you receive after crafting 1 bullet of any type. They were way too high and people literally were standing AFK to reach a high level. From now on you only earn 1 XP per bullet instead of 5, 25, 50 or 75. We have removed the Creatures completely because of the missing footstep sound. Zombies have been added on the same placers where the Creatures were spawning before. We have made some changes to the Russian localization. From now on you can place the Candles on top of your tables inside your base. We have removed all the TREASURY NOTES rewards from the game. This feature was getting abused and caused future problems. We have removed the bushes from the Town Capture event map to prevent players from camping inside and killing enemies at their spawn. Changed the weekly mission called HUNT MONSTERS to HUNT ZOMBIES because of the changes which are listed above. Cleaned up the offer of the General Store. Traps and ammunition have been removed. Traps are now purchasable at the Butcher and ammunition at the Gunsmith shop. Changed the description of Shield Potions. Whoever has been banned for abusing new accounts, can contact Billy on the forums or on the discord server. Start requirements for Magnificent 5 have been changed to 5 teams which means it will also start if there are 5 solo players. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newfrontiergame/ Support: https://support.playnewfrontier.com Discord: https://discord.gg/newfrontier Website: https://www.playnewfrontier.com Forums: https://forum.playnewfrontier.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/newfrontiergame Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/newfrontiergame Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1104640/New_Frontier/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/801220/Magnificent_5/
  29. I'm looking for the location of a players base. I'm offering $2000 in the form of Gold Bars and Large Gold Nuggets. We can meet up in town, you lead me to the base and then we can make our way back to town where you will receive payment. Players name is "TopAlyson"
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