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    Thank you , i was thinking about to stay on the train you have to go kill zombies that have climbed on there.
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    stagecoach event, relic hunter, rag to riches, misfortune in the sky + town capture in the open world map with our horse...that was better. Actually, it's a pve game, wwo was a focus pvp game. we can't compare . Here, it's a new game, not really a reboot... But if the old events are adding with this new big map, that will sound very nice
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    I'm looking for the location of a players base. I'm offering $4000 in the form of Large Gold Nuggets. We can meet up in town, you lead me to the base and then we can make our way back to town where you will receive payment. Players name is "TopAlyson"
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    Howdy travelers, I'm Vander, Judge Vander. Wanted to show of a big of design and get some feedback.. This is the new NE Territorial Judicial Court & Gallos .. Just a teaser pic to start; to see where this conversation goes..
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    hey billy thank you for replying i understand fully my idea wasn't a solution but a feeling that i want to be out there. i want a solution somehow because i feel i can't play in server 1 eu or us because most of the time there is only 10 players and the map is big and the other server's have between 3-7 players if we somehow! some way! force everyone to 1 or 5 server's then server eu/us1 would have like 70 players each server and i would love that the PVP would be insane i love it hahahaha disclaimer i have zero idea how to do it.