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    I don't think many of us are waiting for season 2 to start.....at least I'm not. I don't know what your dev roadmap is but this game has to implement some basic functionality like we have said over and over..... Either you have features in the game or not.... - Vendor loyalty is still not fixed or working yet with no indication you even plan on using it - Still no way to queue multiple items in the crafting menu. Seriously? I don't have 3 hours to craft stone / steel / wood one by one by one, my mouse will use it's 5,000,000,000 clicks for it's lifetime and I will only craft 5 pieces of wood to make 1 damn wall! - In game voice has a perimeter of what? How far away does voice go? Why isn't it server wide no matter where I am on the map? For now i just tell ppl to get on discord, it's much easier than to lose them after I go 10 feet in front of them and they can't hear me. - No blueprints for the real items. I have yet to see a strong door, dynamite, long rifles, lamp post and other item blueprints anywhere. I'm beginning to think they don't exist. - Base buildings are capped at 150 pieces but why? If we have a land deed it shouldn't have a cap on how much we can build on it. We should be able to use ALL the space within our lot, half the time I can't place foundations in spots for no reason besides the code is shit. - Base building is still lacking a Flip when placing items down. My stairwell's can only go one way? Sure I can rotate it but I can't flip it. Not to mention the doorways do not line up with 2 way stairwells. - Base building items are too damn much.....50 metal for 1 foundation? 25 metal for a wall? - Still no way to see who's in the server with you while your playing? Really? - No way to add a server to GameTracker.com - No way to create a permanent clan / team. - All the locks for doors are pointless as they can be picked by anyone with 10 seconds to spare with no real penalty besides bandit status for what 2 minutes? Why don't the bandits show ingame on my compass? Why do I have to be in the map view mode to see them? - Where did all the monsters go? - No marketplace to sell our items to other players? - Titanium alloy is too rare....I bought 2or3 alchemist packs so if u do the math that's either 10-15 items and I got titanium 1 damn time. Honestly I don't know why I bother typing this shit out.....I just keep typing the same things over and over but you guys put up threads like " we need suggestions"....pfffft we give them to you but you don't implement anything. All the patch notes / updates are horse shit "fixing typo's" and "floating mesh's in the map" not making the CORE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE GAME YOUR PRIORITY TO GET FIXED! And now your making ANOTHER game mode that people won't play instead of fixing simple functions of the game that you continue to ignore.
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    Your adding game modes when basic game mechanics are still fucked up? How about you either add or remove the vendor loyalty so we can get better weapons? How about adding a playerlist on the servers we are currently on? How about fixing the craftable wooden crates that can magically lose our gear/loot? What about adding a damn life bar above enemies so we know what their health is? Adding friends from a playerlist instead of who's in your vicinity? But hey at least your fixing your typo's.....but if that's what your interested in you should look at your frontier game servers page because the spelling is all fucked up on multiple pages including like 3 other of your domains. For real....wtf?
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    awesome now the team gankers will kill EVERYONE on site for all the extra loot hahahahahahahahaha
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    cosmetics bags lose all their interest without TPS mode
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    So I think it would be a lot of fun if you guys added a working train! And make it so, players can hop on and even rob it! I think it would also bring in more players! Who else wants a working Train?!!!
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    ok.....material god.....and items(guns,kitts,gardens)? next patch..again deleted house?again build?......thi is bad..very bad
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    I hate this patch. That make sense to hunt player, only when you know that is a pvp game, with many event. Actually we haven't content. When i see the boring time for take item in the garden(for me isn't playing).But i make that for playing good after. And after 1 death i lost 500 apples, 500 corn, 20 spike traps, 13 wooden spike barrieres, 60 steaks, 260 steak of squirrels+ ammo.... I don't see where is the pvp game. It's a farming gaming. And i hate that. If i have deployed some gardens, its only for to be op in a open world / pvp. I am ok for making that, maybe 1h/mounth or week. For take some stocke... Just next time, please advice us before the change.
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    Ok so i have played rust and many games like it and so far New Frontier is nothing like rust and here is why Rust You can smash/raid other peoples bases (On New Frontier You Can't) Rust has loads of loot,ranging from clothing/armour/guns ect.it has lots of meaningful loot what makes people want to raid bases due to the high amount of loot (New Frontier Doesn't Have Good Loot Like That) Rust has good Gathering I.E Trees fall over when wood is all gone and so do rocks,also you get a lot of stuff from them and fast (New Frontier you hit the same Tree or Rock over and over again and get 1 bit of wood after every full hold,that makes getting things super boring as you are just standing there holding the mouse button for ages and thats it) Rust has good gun play,feel and feed back (New Frontiers Guns Feel/React In A Dull/Boring Way) Rust has Traps and base defensive things (New Frontier Has None Of That) Rust has a slick and good feedback to movement and Animation (New Frontier Due To The NightShade Engine Feels Clunky And Has Poor Animations) Rusts world feels alive (New Frontiers World Feels Static And Lifeless) Rust there is a reason for killing and raiding someone (As you drop EVERYTHING you have) (New Frontier You Don't Drop Everything And There Is No Reason To Raid/Kill) i think overall The New Frontier feels more like a TDM game with a huge map,Not a Survival Game,you just make a static base,and radomly kill people for no reward or loss. Now ofc this could all change,but in the current state my opinion is this is nothing like rust at all. But hey i would like to hear other peoples views on it
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    Why are you doing the exact same thing that ex dev did ? Adding the same kind of event and all things that killed the previous game. You are just doing the same. There is nothing to do. Adding auto event won't fix the thing. There is absolutely no interaction between players. When you see someone out of a safe zone you shoot. When there is an event you go there and shoot at sight. I know it's an alpha or beta or whatever you want to call it. But there is nothing to do after 1 hours in game. The only thing is log in in a server get the balloon and bank safe, then log out and log in in another serv etc... We need a purpose to play game. Ok you call it sandbox game. But still we need an goal. We can build a house, but nothing after. You can't conquer others land. You kill someone and don't get anything. (nothing bad neither good) You should look at "New World" It's a real Alpha. You have so much to learn. Youare just killing the game. And wait a good 6 months before release on steam. Or you will shoot your own foot. Like other dev before you.
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    Destruction of walls should be allowed to make base raiding more of a possibility, but the auto repair mechanic would be great to prevent griefing. The only issue is that with allowing the destruction of walls, offline raiding would be a lot easier as well. What I think be a good mechanic to allow for balanced raiding is after every group member is offline for a certain amount of time, their structure cannot be raided. If their structure was taking damage as they logged off (combat logging), the rule is overridden, to prevent combat logging and base invulnerability with that. The most common complaints I've seen about base raiding in general are the people whose entire base was ransacked after they went to sleep for the night, or similar situations. There are people who don't care about offline raiding, so you could potentially make it a toggleable mechanic. Perhaps turned on by default, and can be turned off by server owners, or have the official servers come in variant rule sets that either allow and don't allow offline raiding. These are just my thoughts though, which I would personally love if these thoughts were implemented, but another official poll asking the community about this would be great.
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    I have played this game for a long time and I have left it for lack of content, then I have returned and I see that they say they have solved many problems, but I see that nothing has been fixed yet, not even the most basic, it is not normal that a monster of 2.50 meters high attacks you and you can not hear any sound, there is no sound of attack or anything, this error comes in the game many many months and they want to make me believe that you work in the game, no I believe nothing of what they write in devblog just want our money but they don't work to really improve anything.
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    I don't think its still fixed, I have been dumping points into the speed and the dial does not move but one time, after that its like I'm throwing points away that I'm probably not getting back.
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    You have to craft the fuel out of oil. Check your crafting page. You can find oil at the oil towers (1-2 oil barrel at each tower - if there no barrel, you have to wait for the spawn). There are two oil towers ingame. One at Ghostcrag Farm (East of Devilbrook station) and one at area Goldenbranch (just follow the dead end streed on the map) east of Brockton Station. Frabric you have to craft too. I addet a map which will help you a lot. Crafting materials also can drop inside the baloon, but this is random. For the stagecoach cabins: you dont realy need them (except you need additional safe areas, teleporting or for the achivement). There are 6 train stations. And you need to ride many miles, because you will need the horse XP (100 XP for your horse for each ridden mile) to upgrade your horse. Trust me, you want to upgrade your horse one day. Btw. The horse upgrade points and the research pionts are not resettable. Once used, you can not get them back. Use them wise. Ask if you have further questions.
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    I think you make a great point about the difference between PvPers (player vs players) and PKers (player killers). True PvPers want to test their skill by fighting other players straight up; PKers want to hunt other players and gank them (kill them without warning). I also agree that many of the most profitable games in history have been PvP (CS, CoD, PUBG, LoL, FiFA, Madden) but I can't think of one that I would consider to be PK. The games I would consider PK are typically persistent open world games that have regions or servers that allow ganking. Many MMOs (AC1, AC2, LotRO, WoW) have these regions and servers and they tend to be much less popular than their PvE regions and servers. I further agree that no player, especially the "whales" that carry free to play games, wants to be ganked so they will not support a game that supports the practice UNLESS they can pay to be immune to ganking and gank others with impunity. This model is likely unsustainable because the supply of prey will likely soon dry up. So what promotes ganking and how can it be stopped? I suggest that it is a persistent open world with quick kills. These qualities are necessary to make it impractical to constantly be on guard and to prevent the prey from escaping. Since we want a persistent open world in New Frontiers, the solution is either to make PvE servers or provide better means for players to escape ganks (e.g. more durability or crowd control). Free Reign clearly feels that PvP is essential to this game. I think that many players are disappointed by this choice because New Frontier has a beautiful world and interesting mechanics that cannot be found elsewhere on PC. I would encourage them to study the response to PvP changes and see if it makes sense to carve out space for PvE like Atlas recently did. Have fun
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    Well, there's gonna be a few PVP centric servers, and crafters/players will gravitate to the safer servers. But we all know, PVPers don't really want a challenge, they want prey, so they'll head over to where the people trying to play are and PK them, then come to the forums and brag like they made some great accomplishment. Yes, we know this will happen...it happens in every game. But I guess the good part is, after all the players are driven from the game, the PVPers will have to actually fight each other. That will blow for New Fromtier's bottom line, because PVPers are not the people who usually fund the majority of the game. PVPers don't want skill boosts, more money, deeds, etc.
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    It was fun for the month I have played it, it's going down hill now. The aimbotters are now rewarded by the recent changes. I'll cut my losses after the $30 I gave them.
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    killed a dude yesterday, I had to scroll down like 4 times to see all the shit he dropped. whatever the change is you drop a SHIT ton of stuff now. I thought he was just loaded with extra loot
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    What about the horse feeding bug?
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    Actually nothing, maybe for some people it's just joy of building, the only game play advantage whould be another spawn location after you died
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    Fixed a problem with the Building Starter Packages where you got 10x more resources than you should. Fixed a bug in the Marketplace where you got 10x the amount of building components by purchasing the Build Packages. Fixed the missing NPC names in Vainbank. Fixed a problem where the player wasn't able to pick up a weapon after dropping it. Fixed a bug where you couldn't pick open a crate aligned with a building wall Fixed a visual bug in the Shotgun upgrade window Fixed a bug where weekly missions weren't counted correctly Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in Tutorial 6 Fixed a bug where a player could crash when starting the game Fixed an issue where items couldn't be picked up Fixed a bug where the destruction animation wouldn't play when destroying a block Fixed a problem related to season pass rewards Fixed an issue where a player would get stuck in the last mission step Fixed a bug where players were unable to exchange certain items with vendors Fixed a bug related to skin dropping Changes to the food/water bar. From now on it will decrease faster, taking 100 minutes until it's completely empty. From now on you can buy the Survivalist Map from the Doctor and not from the General Store anymore. Output format of screenshots is now JPEG. Changed a step in Tutorial Mission 5 where you had to place a Campfire but then needed a Cooking Rack to do the last step. Now you may cook the meat directly at the Campfire. From now on you will get bandit status as soon you hit another player's building. Robbing their chests will grant you the highest bandit rank. We are going to change how the bank in Vainbank is robbed as it was too easy overall: Doors in the Bank require now level 2 and 3 of Nimble Fingers to open. Doors also have more resistance now. Safes got moved to the middle of the room. We have done some changes to the Safe Locker Event: Chance to get a Gold Bar got lowered. Locks are harder to crack. We have made a change on Tutorial Mission 10 where you had to wait for a Vendor to finish it. From now on you instead talk to Luke Willis in Vainbank. We have increased the radius of animal detection of the Hunting Map. You will now find Bears for sure. We recommend you to go close to the middle of the world and use the map. Keep in mind that the vision of the animals will still go away after time again. After purchasing some packages on the Marketplace the popup with information would disappear too quick. This is now fixed. Base Build Changes: We changed the start protection of your base from 20 days to 3 days to lower the number of buildings per server which also will increase overall performance. You will also get a separate pop up as soon as you've placed your Land Deed that informs you about the 3-day protection. Added a sound upon dropping something from your inventory A bar has been added to the shops that allows you to buy larger quantities at once. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newfrontiergame/ Discord: http://discord.gg/newfrontier Website: https://www.playnewfrontier.com/ Forums: http://forum.playwwo.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/newfrontiergame
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    Same message for me "there was a problem downloading from cdn server" ...work well yesterday Please help us !
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    How about adding a feature to Craft in BULK? it would greatly increase the effectiveness of crafting and also retain more players, because i have had friends quit this game because of that, some of them stayed because they liked it and hopes it would change, and some just gave up on it
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    Thank you. How should all the upgrades work? e.g. if i leveling up the horse speed at the charakter skill tree to the max, will the points at the horse upgrade window give additional speed? Are there plans for a possibility to reset the horse upgrades, like the charakter skills?
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    Yes I get your point, but it was OK if we had to spend most of our time to gather resources but now we spend most of our time behind the crafting bench which is super boring And making matters worse you even doubled the amount of resources required for building a wall or other things
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    Well, one of our complaints was that the building cost is too high and now even the protection cost is high as well :))
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    You should keep the way it is and let players in game decide what view they want to play
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    It's the closest thing I've achieved: C
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    Of course they ruin the game. in my case I have loaded more than 500 dollars in my account to try to buy all the items and others. and for me it is throwing 500 dollars in the trash for two or three users who use the lag switch. as I see there are several players who reported or are reporting the same. It is useless to have or buy everything in the store to spend a lot of money having a good PC and more than 200 megabytes if in the end you meet cheating players or with a lot of lag. that ends up stopping playing. but we hope that they solve this problem.
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    will keep everything else lev 50 + 25 mod kit, level 100 + 25 mod kit again. It's very rare items. That give again the possibility too win it. + the TN winning. Many players are unlocked horse skin, saison pass ect with it. So for me it's ok.
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    full ability for destruction after the protection timer runs out i think is the most fair way to go
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    What if "Group/Clan/Tribe-Bases were destructible, but individual bases were not? Only certain things could be done at the larger Bases (Towns/settlements?), so that would encourage larger encounters...good and bad...maybe ugly too...
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    They should be destructible, but how should we protect our stuff? Right now I say no, coz even with destructible doors I'm afraid to put anything inside my chests, there is nothing to prevent people from destroying everything they see Maybe when more people play this game add some kind of bounty for head of base raiders so deputies and bonty hunters can track down those thieves and retrieve our stuff for a good reward when we are not in game
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    No. My opinion : Guild War BASE with reward EXP or similar.. Bases be descructible is not the solution or funny. I really enjoy building my base, if anyone can break it it's sad. It would improve it to reiterate assaults and events that still do not destroy bases or allow people to steal your hard work. I love inventiveness in building, interaction, changing the world and forming alliances. Events and guilds. Playing the asshole to steal is not my game genre.
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    Walls could cost 10x more explosives to be knocked over compared to the same type of material door. For example: Wooden door 2 explosives, wooden wall 20 explosives, wooden foundation 50 explosives. 3 types of explosives, each for one type of building material. Against wood, incendiary explosives. Against rock, explosive impact. Against metal, explosive piercing. Wood construction receives bonus damage against incendiary, stone and metal immunity incendiary explosives or 90% damage reduction. You can use explosive piercing against wood, but the cost of resources would be too high to spend on wood. Option to reinforce construction by spending more material. Wall of wood T1 5 wood, T2 10 additional wood, T3 25 wood. So forcing to break the doors. By lowering players they just want to completely destroy the foundations of others. Recover 90% of the material spent on construction with a limit of 5 minutes after built. After the timeout, it does not recover the resources spent. It does not have to be these values, but the mechanics are very interesting and add new possibilities to the construction. I think they are great methods to avoid being completely destroyed and at the same time making raid challengers against other players. My English is very bad, I had help from google translate, normal to have some typos.
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    This is a very interesting problem because I feel it adds to something the game is really missing right now. If you look at most open world sandbox games there is a mechanic to raid houses etc. with no Anti-griefing mechanic. The problem becomes is with this game as it currently stands getting resources isn't necessarily hard considering you can just swap servers and loot air drops/safes ( which is a whole other problem in itself ). I personally think you should add some sort of grace period being where your base cannot be raided while your currently constructing it ( Days to a week, depends on how you see it ) and then you should be able to completely destroy it with no anti-griefing mechanic. HOWEVER it should take a considerable amount of resources to destroy a house built with metal i.e explosive rounds, dynamite etc. Like I said I personally feel you should be able to destroy bases completely. Just my opinion
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    it would be good, but how are you going to defend your base? as soon as you logoff they go in and take all your items, unless u get defense turrets or anything maybe disallow bases that have no door by disallowing the last spot to be taken by a closed wall?
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    Nice work. Given the state in which the previous team left the game there is a huge amount of work to be done and you seem up to the task. I'll check your progresses once in a fortnight (no pun intended) because to be honest, there are other games that already do what you plan to do but I'll keep an eye on this one.
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    I'm looking for the location of a players base. I'm offering $4000 in the form of Large Gold Nuggets. We can meet up in town, you lead me to the base and then we can make our way back to town where you will receive payment. Players name is "TopAlyson"
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    Yes, they know. Still no information about a second season. Billy told us that the devs going to bring M5 and the Zombie version online. Main game maybe finished? Who knows?
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    I was one of the early investors in the game before it changed hands so to speak. I was very upset this past week after I worked so hard to build my home by famring for many many hours to pre pay for deed for 8 days only to have everything poof vanish 3 days later. I can not tell you how frustrating this is and since I was put onto a European server decided to start again on a US server. It's bad enough to loose the contents and all the mats it took to make but to not have my deed in my bank or inventory is beyond brutal. I had to spend more real cash to be able to buy a large deed since the small deed is insanely expensive and I just think this is wrong to people trying to support the development of the game. I can not get my mats back, my real cash spent back and more importantly all the time I spent to build which went away with a "poof". Now I cant find a free table to craft the mats I need to get started on my new home. So very disappointed with this.
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    Really needed update at this time!! Said no one ever.
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    You have to use the chest inside the post office at Vainbanks
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    exactly, I like seeing my shirtless guy in a hawk
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    it would be good to be able to change weapons while running It's possible. Just switch weapon 1 time before running. But shoting while running, we need it.