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  1. Zombies?

    stagecoach event, relic hunter, rag to riches, misfortune in the sky + town capture in the open world map with our horse...that was better. Actually, it's a pve game, wwo was a focus pvp game. we can't compare . Here, it's a new game, not really a reboot... But if the old events are adding with this new big map, that will sound very nice
  2. Rules?

    No way about that, or the only is /ignore the player
  3. big foot monsters

    http://prntscr.com/qjmhr5 http://prntscr.com/qjmi75 http://prntscr.com/qjmisg
  4. Clothes Missing

    Good news. Thank you!
  5. Magnificent 5 - Early Access

    The gold bars unlock the cosmetic bags. And the it's linked to the account, you have it in NF after.
  6. Magnificent 5 - Early Access

    Good surprise))
  7. State of the Game [2019-12-17] Magnificent 5

    I can't wait to try!
  8. Town Capture - New Event!

    All the town battle reward are send to the postman.
  9. Town Capture - New Event!

    East of the map? At the end of the event, we can stay on site, or we are teleported to our place of origin?
  10. Item Drop on Death Change

    I hate this patch. That make sense to hunt player, only when you know that is a pvp game, with many event. Actually we haven't content. When i see the boring time for take item in the garden(for me isn't playing).But i make that for playing good after. And after 1 death i lost 500 apples, 500 corn, 20 spike traps, 13 wooden spike barrieres, 60 steaks, 260 steak of squirrels+ ammo.... I don't see where is the pvp game. It's a farming gaming. And i hate that. If i have deployed some gardens, its only for to be op in a open world / pvp. I am ok for making that, maybe 1h/mounth or week. For take some stocke... Just next time, please advice us before the change.
  11. It's possible to broke any wall with the bullets. And for the chest, everybody use the lock picks. A player have robbery in my base 8000 rifle ammo express, 8000 revolver ammo express, 4 advanced pickaxes and 150 gold maps... I thought I found a good hideout )
  12. stuff from chests disappears Players are raiding your base and they have robbery you.
  13. Patch 08.19.19 Changelog

    I can no longer use other ppl's crafting shit it's a little bug. Talk in the chat nation for that. Go front of the working station you want using and press "esc". Select what do you want crafting and craft it. Other thing, for the small land deed, isn't the craft gold ingots, it's the pvp event"rags to riches" who drop rare gold ingots. More pvp event are coming, we waiting for.
  14. JamesT, tu étais qui à WWO, je te vois dans ma liste d'amis, mais je ne crois pas que je te connaissais sous ce pseudo?