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  1. Flares dont worth

    Marox bud its true i have 120 flares 3 days just a load of xxxx!!! no rare guns that should get better guns even rares e.t.c or get back the money on flares and have useful items. New players and old players to have balloons to make have the rare items (about 3 rare guns )they cann't use no more on that item gun so then they can sell it to players or swap other things..
  2. what's wrong with the mine metal ore's where we starting are pickaxes it won't keep still. What i have a lot of ore but when i have a look how much i have done ore it says nothing (0) so why!!! lol
  3. how to see ginseng plz

    i have going my mission but i can not find Ginseng or have i something miss it so where is it plz