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  1. cest votre plus haut level? Combien de joueur etes vous actuellement?
  2. Salut, juste quelques petites questions : Quel est le level de votre meilleur player? Quel est la moyen d'age du clan ? Sur quel serveur jouez vous? Merci
  3. PATCH 7.25.19 Changelog

    This new safe zone sucks. I understand for the new players it was tough, but there was always a way to leave town with out being killed. For people who build a fortress in this zone now it is pointless.
  4. TPS or FPS ?

    You should keep the way it is and let players in game decide what view they want to play
  5. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    Town Capture event... This is your event? So you just took what was already available in WWO. I hope you can make it better, otherwise the old players wont be happy.
  6. PATCH WEEK - Starting Tuesday 18th

    You talk about 3-4 daily patches, but since we got only two daily patches. Where are the other ones? When can we expect them....
  7. PATCH WEEK - Starting Tuesday 18th

    OK so now there is even more bug then before plus the game crash, I really wonder what does this patch do except making the game worst then before
  8. PATCH WEEK - Starting Tuesday 18th

    You said, you will start the daily patches on the 18th, well it is already the 18th in Asia and Europe. What are you waiting for ?