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  1. Base Protection Change

    It just protects your land which means no one can claim your land, but the buildings can be robbed or destroyed completely
  2. Base Protection Change

    So I just layed down a new land deed and it again required me materials for the upkeep, but this time no money was needed😐 so once again everything about building a house is hard, time consuming and unnecessary
  3. Base Protection Change

    Actually nothing, maybe for some people it's just joy of building, the only game play advantage whould be another spawn location after you died
  4. Reward for previous WWO accounts!

    Nope, I don't think you get anything
  5. Base Protection Change

    Then it will kill the base raiding, you know that players should solve their problems them selves, but poor NPCs need some thing to protect them
  6. Base Protection Change

    If you ask me those houses are the most vulnerable ones, people still can destroy them or pick their locks in front of the owner without owner being able to kill them coz safe zones are safe for anyone who isn't a criminal with wanted status on them
  7. Base Protection Change

    Yes I get your point, but it was OK if we had to spend most of our time to gather resources but now we spend most of our time behind the crafting bench which is super boring And making matters worse you even doubled the amount of resources required for building a wall or other things
  8. Base Protection Change

    Well, one of our complaints was that the building cost is too high and now even the protection cost is high as well :))
  9. PATCH 7.10.19 Changelog

    That's some very good news, but what will happened if my mailbox is full?
  10. TPS or FPS ?

    I usually don't use TPS view but for times that I want to inspect my character But you guys should keep TPS when riding a horse
  11. POLL - Should bases be descructible

    there is a BIG but here as right now not so many people play this game and not everybody have a base so those few individuals who actually have a base will suffer from raiders who will steal everything and then they will just disappear as they go offline , so if you want everything to be destructible some THINGS SHOULD CHANGE : 1- we need some ways to defend our base 2-factions and clans , so if someone raid a base other clan members could defend bases or to get revenge 3- as you mentioned there should be some items which cant be stored in bank like gold nuggets or some crafting materials like things in alchemist bag 4-also raiders should need special equipments , not only a pick axe to smash throw everything !! maybe also a ladder so not all bases needs to get completely destroyed 5-when the base raids become a thing , both defenders and attackers should have something like armor peaces to protect their body specially head , so they can both survive longer and have a nice gun fight till one side wins 6-guns should have attachments (i know its kinda weird for current guns in game but hey its a steam punk world so its possible) so long range and silenced raides and combat could be possible , also gunplay is not as good as it should be and walls should also get repaired automatically after some times
  12. PATCH 7.9.19 Changelog

    every new update makes me happy AF i hope you fix the disappearing land lot's flag ASAP, its very annoying
  13. Coolest Building so far

    It's kinda cool but we can't build anything like this at the moment Also as I can see one of the towers is unaccessible as it have no stairs attached to it 😂
  14. PATCH 6.18.19 Changelog

  15. PATCH WEEK - Starting Tuesday 18th

    Can't wait to play the game again with new update, hopefully I will get to my PC in the next week