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  1. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    thats true this account was created back last Nov when everything went south,i was here when the game was very different,when you died and lost everything. im not lying,im saying the player vs the world has very little Interactions,that is true.
  2. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    is IS like the whole world,there is HARDLY any player interactions at all,,the world feels static/lifeless,there is hardly any player feedback. Im not bitching im saying how it is. You must be new here.
  3. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    Right well for an example in Rust when you go to get Wood OR Stone you wack a once the wood is gone the tree falls over....or the rock crumbles and gets you hold the mouse down to a tree or rock and thats it no feed back at all..the tree gives unlimmited wood and doesn't fall down or give any feed back....thats like the whole world there is no interaction with the world at all
  4. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    Ok so i have played rust and many games like it and so far New Frontier is nothing like rust and here is why Rust You can smash/raid other peoples bases (On New Frontier You Can't) Rust has loads of loot,ranging from clothing/armour/guns has lots of meaningful loot what makes people want to raid bases due to the high amount of loot (New Frontier Doesn't Have Good Loot Like That) Rust has good Gathering I.E Trees fall over when wood is all gone and so do rocks,also you get a lot of stuff from them and fast (New Frontier you hit the same Tree or Rock over and over again and get 1 bit of wood after every full hold,that makes getting things super boring as you are just standing there holding the mouse button for ages and thats it) Rust has good gun play,feel and feed back (New Frontiers Guns Feel/React In A Dull/Boring Way) Rust has Traps and base defensive things (New Frontier Has None Of That) Rust has a slick and good feedback to movement and Animation (New Frontier Due To The NightShade Engine Feels Clunky And Has Poor Animations) Rusts world feels alive (New Frontiers World Feels Static And Lifeless) Rust there is a reason for killing and raiding someone (As you drop EVERYTHING you have) (New Frontier You Don't Drop Everything And There Is No Reason To Raid/Kill) i think overall The New Frontier feels more like a TDM game with a huge map,Not a Survival Game,you just make a static base,and radomly kill people for no reward or loss. Now ofc this could all change,but in the current state my opinion is this is nothing like rust at all. But hey i would like to hear other peoples views on it
  5. Bonuses for active players !

    i also agree with that the Nightshade engine is just a bad engine
  6. PATCH 7.2.19 Changelog

    Yeah im still waiting for that