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  1. Clothes Missing

    ha that famous 3 days limit to troll people and make them loose thing ....
  2. Abandoned farms

    add NPC to make all other place alive vivid and not abandoned but leave one abandoned farm should fix it isn't ? well i tryed
  3. Switching Between N.F. & M.5.

    yeah they make it in a way it totaly split all gamemode for unknow reason so force quit/restart instead of a queue you could join for M5 while playing New Frontier and so while we're waiting that there is enough player we could still play. So here you'll have quit new frontier ( and empty server a bit more on main game), restart the game, wait it restart, then wait other people to join while not playing i guess (last time i tested this M5 i've wait 1h for no game lul), and when game end you'll have to wait other player to finish cause not that much player left and Battle Royal is a gamemode that mostly fail cause really poor gameplay , THey trully know how to make thing boring. :(( at least if i've no problem with M5 being apart ( BR is really garbage to my eyes xS) there is the zombie mod that they failed in conception too the zombie mod gonna be split gamemode from what i read, so restart for changing game mode too, inventory reset to encourage shopping i guess, you'll have to farm/craft again everything again, the greedyness of base building seems even worst, and the gameplay is gonna be an other game with just the same npc (zombie) and only 1 or 2 thing to do (farm and build / defend base) as the main game is only alien and only 1 or 2 thing to do ( kill people to steal them nor their base like a toxic retard ( and i admit i've did it after some did it to me, but on the 3 base i stole, each time i was disgusted and feeling guilty of what i've done didn't got any satisfaction or fun xS ....) or build your base with horrible farming/crafting time and limitation and upkeep to be stolen by toxic player when admin don't destroy your base by " error " xD) Meanwhile if zombie didn't ate some brain before gamemode launch , someone could have think about adding zombie to the main game to make it more complete, variated and interesting, in the way alien could infest 1/4 or 1/5 of the map that player would have to clear/scavenge/boss/etc, while their hive would produce larva that would transform human and animals into zombie slave on an other 1/4 or 2/5 of the map where player would have to clear/scavenge/rescue/protect while the rest of the map would be human owned and still alive ( and not totaly destroyed and dead like the actual map cause this plus the fact everyone try to play alone and avoid people for avoiding griefing make the game empty and dead and boring -_-) human map part could propose mission about defending town and farm, clear mine for town miner ( providing ore as quest reward) , protect lumberjack while they chop tree ( and then npc would reward mission with wood and gold)etc etc etc there is many possibilty you could even add a contested area where player would have to focus pvp for a fort/bastion or ressource producer etc and in this way we could get all gamemode in one complete game and satisfy everyone and every taste But nope, splited gamemode, splited server, splited people between server that try to get the least player possible to stay safe and not waste their time farming/crafting for toxic thief or get a chance to earn event drop that are the only way to upgrade your base almost ( goldbar being never droped anymore in bank or like 10% of time ), splited people between hardly toxic and boring griefer that have simple brain that can handle empty PVP for years and people that want a true game with content like npc and pve gamemode with eventualy some PVP Event like in any true mmo with content that offer to join PVP QUEUE with different minigamemode, but nope, we got an other BR gamemode cause it's the most interesting and less boring gamemode ever made it seems ( i guess it must be easier than true game to do) and it's logic to split the game more anyway isn't ? ...
  4. Magnificent 5 - Early Access

    let me guess, gold bar earned here are not usable in Frontier ?
  5. Patch 12.24.2019 Changelog

    that not alien or zombie the problem, sure it special as idea but could be good if well applied and executed, myself i don't like this idea and as they killed everylife in the map it's weird to support them, but i could enjoy some alien fight if it was only a small area of the map with alien creating hive of larva that then later attack human or animal further on the map and turn them to zombie ( spliting the zombie mod is a stupid decision, it make less player per gamemode, instead of adding content to the game they split it so we have 3 " gamemode " that are pretty poor in gameplay instead of only one wich would be more complete with more player) if we got town/farm/mine/etc to defend against alien we would have a goal and interest as well than way way way more possibilty of gameplay and mission, but fighting while everything is dead is boring (except one town for unknow reason they don't even have wall/artillery or anything usefull to defend so how the fuck they survived alien that erased everything else in the world ? pls explain logic if that not a lazyness of making the game more alive with more real npc even the only alive town look dead when no player cause no npc walking around lol) sure there is also the progriefing system that make the game be like "kill someone, recolt thing," only wich is sad cause PVE would make this game way more interesting and alive instead of an other random generic empty of life Battle Royale " " game " " where everyone wanna kill everyone to be the first cause there is only that to do ( at this point M5 is useless, except maybe if yu like waste more time on a more or less identic gamemode but in a worst griefing way or may the dev wanna split more the few last player that still believe in them cause they can sell them more thing in shop ?) it was fine at release ((and only at release cause after few month with more player leaving that .....) to get a killing/stealing player die/loosing everything only gameplay but the problem of these game where yu encourage killing other and stealling everything is that it always loose player, so griefer/clan have no more noob to steal and rekt, so have to attack between them wich make them leave once they loose so there is not enough people anymore to grief so everyone leave .... while in game like gta , yu lost just few dollars and so the fighting is really fun cause you play a game and wanna win even thought yu just loose few dollars , not risk the time you waste in farming/crafting ( wich is not really gaming at this level of greedyness and boringness) cause a toxic dude is lazy to do the boring farming/crafting and prefer steal people How a system that punish the PVP by losing that much can work ? finaly noone trust no one, everyone stay away of each other, build lab house now there is no more the wall house lul ... etc it's totaly negativ for the game Also the base building could have been really cool and keep player but instead it killed this game too, it's not a matter of base possibility looking or whatever cause in itself it look good and have potential, as well than enough stuff to start, etc, but cause it look like dev made it by testing the farming/crafting/building mechanic with cmd to get material and avoid farm and craft waste of time as well that bypass these stupid little amount of object from basic non upgraded base nor that stupid upkeep that discourage after each reconnection ... ( they also made gold bar really really rare and uncraftable so you gonna take decade to upgrade the stupid little building limitation, people left just cause of the unbalanced greedyness of time and component made by admin to encourage us into buying thing in shop wich is sad cause it have potential and have been ruined while shop would have work if they balanced the game So while in 2019 even EA understood that they made bullshit with microtransaction and the greedyness of Lootbox wich make them lost a lot of player, here the player are directly talking to dev/admin and the only thing they find to do is keep or make the greedyness worse, ignore most important suggestion or even do the total oposite , as well that censure some player complain ( and if i admit that some of mine were pretty honest and direct wich deserv some censure maybe cause we're not on steam and they don't want bad review here, the other people didn't deserved it and were just complaing, mostly about the dev that destroyed many people base but didn't want to fix their error after 3 days wich mean if you don't connected in this 3 days after THEIR error occur you can take all the dozen and dozen of hours you spend, should i say waste, into farming/crafting/building wich is the only thing to do in this game except killing other player... ) I didn't want to listen people saying thiis game was made by scammer, cause it got potential and i believed dev where cool at start, but unfortunatly they mostly give reason to these that were crying to scam I'm happy to not have wasted money, that why i always wait 2 month or more before supporting dev with shop on f2p except if the content is here at start, i feel really bad for these who paid for a PVE/pvp game that turned into greedy griefing pvp without any npc and a dead map full of the same few differnt enemy with braindead ai under cocai and a so greedy base building
  6. State of the Game [2019-12-11]

    State of the game 12/11/2019 : state of decay
  7. Patch 10.31.2019 Changelog

    Personatly i gave up when they erased people base but didn't want to fix their error after 3days cause lazyness and admin was like "why dafuk yu angry of loosing your base " ... ( pretty sure they use command to get materials and have no idea how much time it take to farm/craft xS As yu guys said the lack of content begun to stretch overtime and building is too greedy to be fun, i don't imagine with monster attacking the base how much hours it will cost to repair
  8. Tips & tricks

    Else, yu can craft faster too, for exemple, when doing crafting material, plan to do rock and metal, craft one and when its finish instead of waiting few sec that the button isn't grey anymore to craft again, just change to other material and the craft button will be usable asap. Yu just earn few sec, but since it's really long to craft, earn few sec by few sec is still interesting lol .... So weird to have to find work around to make game better really hope dev will reduce gather/craft time or just reduce the cost to build xS
  9. My 8 days land, deed and house are gone!!!

    Yeah, wasted dozens and dozens of hours on gather/craft to build and get this stupid greedy useless troll upkeep fed, but everything went away thought i don't even get the " poof "

    Well eventualy if their map designer was removing half the huge tree and remplacing them by medium/smaller tree that can have more efficient lod keeping some area clear and other dense they could earn a lot in perf, it would also make the map less repetitiv I mean, just look gtaV country side, the tree are well dispatched over the map ( even thought a denser forest is lacking maybe but there is still mod xd), they're more detailled, and it look more realistic while better perf (while their world is way more detailled and complex, have life, wild life, navmesh etc ) and we can run it in ultra easy even add ton of mod and still get good perf ( yeah i know they've better engine too but i wanna point the map conception about vegetation placement ) In this game it just look like the map designer noticed the world is empty and lack of interesting place so he just copy pasted the same huge tree, huge bush, all over the map to hide that emptyness and give them wild wind reaction to make it " alive " I would prefer way less tree with more variety and smarter placement, it would look better and be better for perf
  11. Censure ?

    Why yu guy delete few of my post ? I understand yu didn't enjoy the irony/satyre feedback/suggestion in base building tuto, not the place and yu probably have 0 humor, no problem But why also delete other post like the one about zombie mode (and m5) system ? Too honest feedback/suggestion make yu afraid people agree ? or is it cause i don't say it in a asslicking way maybe ? or may that cause yu're unable to make thing in the way i suggest but then why not just admit it's not in your capacity or possible ? Why just delete the post like that without warning for edit and make censure about what people want ? Yu already ignore many suggestion/feedback of people and even sometime did the total opposite, now yu start censuring ? No need to think about how yu're losing yur player that fast ... Yu take more time to delete the bot spam message that try to sell weird stuff to forum user than yu took to delete this suggestion/feedback lol
  12. Is the Train coming soon?

    Fun fact, the other day i was thinking about how bullshit is this loading screen , the map is just empty and dead and destroyed with weird abandoned building everywhere whatever it's npc or player building, and 0 pve content only braindead pvp grindfest, except few braindead ai animal or monster under cocaine ;S
  13. Coolest Building so far

    well i don't wanna be rude with the team, but there is clearly thing to improve if they wanna bring people in the game Personatly i stoped to play cause the other day i came back few hours after the upkeep of my base run out and lost literraly everything, all the hours i've spend in farming/crafting , all the money i put into decoration, all tn and Goldbar i used to increase stupid little slot limit, all object, all will to play this game xS Edit : i just saw the patchlog have to see my mailbox but i feel i'm gonna be dissapointed on what i get back for the time i spent ;S
  14. June 6 - MID WEEK UPDATE

    Bot are back too ?
  15. Coolest Building so far

    but can't finishs cause i've again to increase limit and don't find any blueprint like the basic roof (while the only one available is more complex and should require blueprint xS) I also have 3 wall that keep dissapearing after each dc and never come back (i guess that cause of building being on the edge of landplot but weirdly it only affect that 3 wall while every other wall that are also on edge are ok) And i can't place wall here for unknow reason ( that the only place he don't want to place, i guess that also cause of it being on land plot edge