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  1. Map locations 100?

    https://postimg.cc/ctc9vGDd Eagle Mountain is here
  2. How do I reset my account?

    create a new one
  3. Town Capture - New Event!

    OOOO God
  4. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    Same problem
  5. Italiani

    eccoti l'invito in discord https://discord.gg/QAaYR9G
  6. Exploit - Explosive Ammo

    the 7 points I saw that you returned them But the over 140 or so crafting tools I used did not return them to me
  7. Italiani

    ok quando torni scrivi qui che ti mando l'invito
  8. Italiani

    ola ciao noi siamo già in tre se ti vuoi unire ti passo discord
  9. Italiani

    Riusciamo a mettere assieme un gruppo di italiani ???
  10. Search for Eagle Head Mountain

    if you found it help us
  11. Search for Eagle Head Mountain

    Eagle Head Mountain is not found in the whole map for at least 5 times impossible to find, there was at least the possibility to see in quadrants the map maybe you would succeed but so it is impossible to find Eagle Head Mountain, and also complete the map 100%
  12. Search for Eagle Head Mountain

    I have searched for them many times but never found