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  1. When will the update finally come ???? I am lvl 100 and it is super boring I can not make any weapons because the blue prints are buggy you just can not get on. and PLEASE fix this lag of the other players when they ride one can not kill anyone .... THANKS
  2. Trading of BP

    how did you learn the blueprint Winston 73? Right click learn blueprint nothing happened for me
  3. The boost was buggy, if you died or you made a fast trip the boost was stopped
  4. Nightshade ??

    Where can I find the nightshade?
  5. Gold Mines?
  6. lvl 50 :o

    Nice to know thanks man.
  7. Globetrotter achievement

    No, I have 85 and have made an extended map I do not know where the last places are. Maybe there are only 100 after the map expansion in the bottom right of the map is still a city to which you do not come yet. I also do not know how HUNTSMAN should work in the hunting ground spawn no animals -.-
  8. lvl 50 :o

    Ok Thanks
  9. lvl 50 :o

    How do I increase the lvl with the traders? @htns
  10. WORLD SECOND 50 - My experience

    I have a boost bug .... After i die or fast travel the booster is done .....
  11. Loss of items

    Look in your mailbox I got a Land Deeds and 5 item bags