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  1. DX11,12, CPU cores?

    I run the game on 2 systems, a laptop and a desktop. They both run the game pretty well, but the desktop just doesn't seem much better than the laptop, and it should be 10x better, lol. Laptop: i7-4710HQ at 3.3ghz, 16gb ddr3, GTX 970m and a SSD. Laptop is set to max performance and the cpu stays at at least 3.3ghz. The game runs pretty well on it with low setting except for medium terrain and textures at 1080p. I usually get 25-50fps, average of prorably 35-40. Very playable. CPU usually only gets to 50% usage at most, but gpu can get to 99%, but usually around 80% usage. Desktop: i5-2400 at 3.4ghz, 8gb ddr3, SSD and a overclocked GTX 980ti. All set to max performance. With same game settings. It runs the game well for the most part 60fps at 1080p, but again, it drops to around 35-45 in Vainbank and at random times. Just odd that it doesnt seem a whole lot better than my laptop, and not able to set everything to Ultra. I know the cpu is older, but its still a quad core and the 980 should make up for it Was mostly curious to see if the game actually used more than 1 core and what DX version it was. Are you sure it is a multicore game and can utilize multiple cores? Thanks for the info!
  2. Was just curious. What are some of the tech specs of this game, such as: Does it use DX11, 12, or something else? How many cpu cores can it use? I ask this because my main system that has 8gb of ram, ssd, i5-2400 and GTX 980ti, and it struggles to keep 40fps in some ares, mostly Vainbank (sometimes between 20-35). And this is at 1080p with low settings except for medium terrain and textures. Just curious as to why a 980ti OC cant keep 60fps in this game. Thanks!
  3. Still have a memory leak...?

    64bit Windows 10. Have only had that happen twice, but since, I have upgraded to 16gb of ram. Not sure if it will happen again, as I have not had the game running all day again in a while.
  4. So my game keeps crashing saying "out of system memory". This has happened a few times, but only when I have had my game running for a long time, like 6 or 7 hours. (I get to play at work, so it runs all day ;-0) I use my laptop which is an i7-4710hq, 12gb ram and a gtx 970m. Has only happened on laptop, as I do not get to run the game that long any other time on my desktops.
  5. Devs, you know what I am talking about. Do something about it. Cheaters, you know who you are. I will name names....
  6. Stuttering and freezing

    Ok, last update. Was definitely my SSD failing. Swapped in a new one and game (and system) is running like a champ! So, if anyone else is having issue like this, check your disk usage in task manager. If it is high (like above 5%) while in the game, it is most likely bad or going bad (or you have a task that is using a ton of resources).
  7. Hey, I have noticed that my ammo amount goes back to what it was before I started the event. Example; say I have 328 ammo. I shoot my gun a few times and get down to 320 ammo. I start and join the event. After event, I load back into game and have 328 ammo again. I tested this many times, and the gun condition and ammo always go back to what it was before the event...
  8. Stuttering and freezing

    Ok. It may be my SSD. Very high, constant usage on the 2400 desktop, but little to no usage on the laptop and other desktop. So, will install on a new SSD at some point and get back with everyone. (Just posting in case someone else is or ever does have issues like this)
  9. Stuttering and freezing

    Well, doesnt seem to be the audio. Still happening. Driving me nuts...
  10. Stuttering and freezing

    Quick update: Tried switching monitors and resolution, problem still occurs. I do notice that it happens almost exclusively when I hear a gun shot. Any time I hear a gun shot, my game stutters a split second afterwards. And forget about it if i get into a gun fight, cause it freezes up, next thing I know, I'm dead. So this sucks. I cant figure out anything that makes is better or worse. It happens just every once in a while if out in the world, but happens every couple of seconds in the event. Frustrating. Devs, I hope you look into this. Something strange for sure. Seems like a correlation between guns shots and stutter/freeze...
  11. Hey, if you change your graphics settings, then enter the CTF event before restarting your client, you crash. That is super annoying. You need to redo tho whole "restart your client" thing after changing some graphics settings. Most games apply the changes automatically without having to restart....
  12. Stuttering and freezing

    Yea, I have used 2 different mice, 1 wired, 1 wireless and still persist with either. Like right now, I am on my laptop, with a ton of chrome tabs open and a bluestacks open, and the game runs perfectly fine, lol. Windows 10 on all systems, and just about the same software. The stuttering only seems to happen on the i5-2400 pc. I am not home to test anything right now, but will soon. I have ran my horse with camera moving real fast and the 2400 pc seems to be ok doing that, so it seems it is just mostly confined to the event.
  13. Stuttering and freezing

    Hm, that is interesting. I do have that desktop connected to a large TV via hdmi. I hope its not the TV, lol. I have this computer hidden behind that TV in the den and use wireless mouse and keyboard. I am curious to see what happens when connected to a regular TV. Although, I do also connect my laptop to that same TV and have not noticed any issues. Interesting though. Just cant figure out why the game performs differently on different systems but same gpu. (gpu are both gtx 950, but different brands, but same specs) Will definitely try connecting to different monitors/TV just to see what happens.
  14. Hey, just curious. I play this game on 3 different computers, but am having major stuttering and freeze ups on only 1 of them, and I am not sure why and need to know if it is me or if anyone else experiences this. The systems I have are as follows: Laptop: i7-4710HQ, 12GB DDR3, SSD, GTX 970m. Game runs absolutely fine at 1080p medium settings. Desktop: i5-4590, 8GB DDR3, SSD, GTX 950. Game runs absolutely fine at 1080p med-low settings. Desktop: i5-2400, 8GB DDR3, SSD, GTX 950. Game runs fine for most part, but has a lot of stuttering and short, 1 or 2 second freezes, mostly in the Town Event. I even tried lowering resolution and detail levels down/off, but it remains. I have updated all drivers on all systems, but cant figure out why the 2400 is having trouble. Has the same GPU as the 4590. I know the 2400 is older, but this game shouldnt be maxing it out. Nothing else does. Anyone else having issues like this? I just need to know if it is actually the 2400 cpu, or if it is just a game optimization thing. No other games or programs give the 2400 much trouble at all. Could the programmers look into it and just let me know something?
  15. The Deplorables

    Would like to maybe Get a clan together. Just send a friend invite if interested. Yours Truly, The Deplorables