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  1. Abandoned farms

  2. Abandoned farms

    My name is in game "Kamikaze" . Ty Sir o7
  3. Abandoned farms

    Still no worky . Even after visiting the "re-named " abandoned farm to the now "red silver ranch". I tried 4 different US servers and even 1 Euro server, after visiting all the farms (twice) it just will not finalize and give me the rewards
  4. Abandoned farms

    oh, LOL, I thought there was a reset every 24 hours like maintenance hour. My bad
  5. Abandoned farms

    umm, nope still don't work. I rode around the farm, I rode through the farm . I tried it on at-least 4 different USA servers . Still can't get the message that says I have visited the "Abandoned farm" completed the quest.
  6. Abandoned farms

    Thats Great, Thanks!
  7. Abandoned farms

    I tried changing servers 1-10 still not working . Normally I would just chalk it up to another bug and move on, But i paid Treasury Notes to run this "Brave New World" scenario and now I am stuck on this, and since its the last mission of the week i needed, this it a 15 point hit
  8. Abandoned farms

    I been to the "abandoned farm" on the map where u have it marked, and even road around the farm on my horse in ever increasing sized circles trying to trip off the notification saying i have completed the mission. But still has not worked
  9. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    I tried that but 1 and 2 are grayed out.
  10. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    I have had in my post office 1 large land deed and 2 small ones. One of the small ones i bought with gold bars 2 months ago, the Large and the other small one i had with my account from day one(came with the game pack i bought). I am now missing 1 large and 1 small. So, is this fixed or not?
  11. Bonuses for active players !

    Is there a way to tell how many hours we have in the new frontier , Use to be able to track it on steam with WWO ? I was well over 200 but i know that don't count here.