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  1. Patch 8.02.19 Changelog

  2. TN Refund information from Pre-Alpha

    You gain more tn the higher level you get, at least you used to . levels above 70 were getting 100 tn per level. I cant show you patch notes cause this company rarely posted patch notes before and still their patch notes miss important info like bases being destructible and adding explosive ammo
  3. TN Refund information from Pre-Alpha

    They changed it like a month ago, but prior to that you got over 5000tn from getting to lvl 100. You say youve been around here but yet you lack simple information. have you even leveled up at all? Maybe stop flinging insults around and use your brain.
  4. TN Refund information from Pre-Alpha

    If you actually thought you were getting all tn spent then you are the dumbass. And yes you got like 5000tn before for getting to lvl 100.
  5. TN Refund information from Pre-Alpha

    So you spent your tn gained from the bear trap exploit and expect that to be given back? Im happy they gave back even tn bought
  6. Official Statement on New Frontier - WWO

    Still waiting on spent TN to be returned
  7. TPS or FPS ?

    Cosmetics would be useless on a personal level if TPS was removed
  8. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    What happened to your pve event?
  9. PATCH 7.2.19 Changelog

    Didnt include mentioned TN for playing 20+ hours and spending 10 usd?
  10. Bonuses for active players !

    Really? Still no official word about this?
  11. Bonuses for active players !

    Not sure why is hasnt happened yet. Either they are late or full of shite
  12. Bonuses for active players !

    Any news on this?
  13. STATE OF THE GAME - Week of June 3rd

    "While it's not something that happens in next week or two, but in next 4 weeks for sure - we're adding three instanced events for both PVP and PVE players. You'll be able to "queue" to event and as soon as event starts, you'll be transported to instanced map" Please make this happen.