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  1. We've also fixed your XP gain, which should be higher by now.
  2. That's because you've hit level 50, which is the max level.
  3. Is the Train coming soon?

    I'd like to surf on one!
  4. CDN issue resolved

    Howdy, We have found and fixed the issue with the CDN server connection issues. This is resolved and should not be a problem anymore. If you still have issues, feel free to contact us here or at [email protected]
  5. Howdy, As we have mentioned previously, in this stage of Early Access we are working on improvement, fixes and balancing in the game and the players being able to play the game is an extremely important aspect to it. Now, we are starting to work on the Basebuilding system. The basebuilding is an essential part of the game and it needs to be considered the foundation of the game. This is the goal of the game. We will be bringing pretty a "Basebuilding v2" system and we would like to know from you guys the following: What should we add? What should we remove? What should we change? What needs to be improved? Any feedback on the way it is right now is very welcome and will be much appreciated. So, players, tell us what you'd like different in the way the basebuilding works in the game so we can go towards the direction you the players want to go with it.
  6. Dear players, Thank you for your support during this initial testing alpha phase of the game. We have been able to gather a lot of information and have been able to make some great progress and have a much better outline of the direction the game should be on. As we had promised since we would have a lot of dramatic changes and balancing out during the first two months (pre-Steam release) we have granted every player who played during this Alpha period (from 05.24.19 to 07.24.19) a full refund on all the TN you purchased during this time. The TN balance is live on your accounts so you can go and spend it as you like. Have fun, mates! Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newfrontiergame/Discord: http://discord.gg/newfrontierWebsite: https://www.playnewfrontier.com/Forums: http://forum.playwwo.com/Twitter: http://twitter.com/newfrontiergame
  7. Release patch notes

    For the next few days, there will a few of those again. I know you guys want to know exactly what they are, but they're mostly backend fixes and not really patches. We're working in the process of also getting that information to bring it to you guys.
  8. Those are used to craft many things. Not all are currently in game, though.

    They find it randomly from balloons.
  10. Tutorial 10: shady business

    It is, indeed. Since you guys touched the topic, were you able to get the Stream Miner for Tutorial 1?
  11. Thanks for the info. I've been trying to reproduce this bug that had happened to me and I had no idea how I did it.
  12. How's the upkeep on your base?
  13. New or Updated Map

    I've been working on one, but it's not close to being good yet.
  14. Blackberry

    I have. Near the farm on the Northeast of the map.
  15. I'll try to reproduce this to try and give you a more educated answer on it.