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  1. Abandoned farms

    That should be solved.
  2. Abandoned farms

  3. Some change for new frontier

    Hey there, First of all thanks for your feedback. Some points from you are already on our list but since we are just a small team and the budget is not that high, it takes longer to develop a feature or other stuff are more important. More recipes are coming and I am currently working on the Recipes of guns and items. I wanna bring more content to the crafting menu which also includes medic or ammunition types. I am also creating missions right now for the Vendors, so we can bring up the level system for them. The map has so much free space because it was mainly planned that the player can build their bases everywhere. Flax does spawn and is located in the Charger loot. The charger is the big mutant. I will do a list next week with every single resource which you need to craft something which is available for the players and check if everything is spawning, if not then I will let it spawn.
  4. Favorite Netflix series.

    I am watching Vikings, Big Bang Theory and the Empire of Rome. Reasons are simple: History and something to laugh
  5. Loot at abandend farm

    Okay thanks, I will check that out.
  6. Loot at abandend farm

    Hey there, Please provide us screenshots where we can see exactly what your problem is.
  7. Patch 01.16.2020 Hotfix

    Fixed the Crates at the camps which were not giving you wanted level sometimes. Fixed the sync issue on the mission where you have to unlock a Cabin. Fixed the timer from the second week on your Adventure Pass. It was frozen at 6 days left, now it's counting correctly. Fixed a bug where it was not possible to purify dirty water at the campfire. Fixed some flying rocks next to Brokengeorge. Fixed a bug where a player was permanently getting rollbacks and earning XP for doing nothing on the server. Fixed a bug where a player would upgrade tier levels and not receiving the rewards. Fixed the description of the Personal and Team XP Boost. Changed the popup that you got after purchasing the Stagecoach Tokens from the Marketplace which was telling you before, it will get delivered to your Mailbox. Stagecoach Tokens and Research Points are going directly into your account. From now on all weapons which are spawning in the world, will have random Durability. Added a protected area on the team camps. That means enemies will still be able to go there, but they will see a warning in the middle of the screen and everything will be black/white. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier. Facebook: Support: Discord: Website: Forums:: Twitter: Youtube: Steam:
  8. Abandoned farms

  9. Abandoned farms

    That is another issue. We announced yesterday to contact us if you have this one. Tell me your character name and I will fix it for you.
  10. I can't log in to my account

    Please submit a ticket
  11. Clothes Missing

    Maybe you sold that hat? Because we do not remove anything. These skins just had an option called "used until 2020" and we changed 2020 to like 2100 and then all the cosmetics were visible again. So nothing has been removed from anyone's account.
  12. Patch 01.13.2020 Changelog

    Fixed a Mission where you had to find a farm, but it couldn't be found. Fixed some bear locations where the respawn timer was not correct. Fixed a crash that was related to the German language. This happened when you were looking up the Adventure info in german. Fixed a bug where finishing all weekly goals wouldn't count. Fixed a problem where players' cosmetics wouldn't show on the menu. Fixed a problem if you bought an Adventure and bought the 25 tier level the reward would disappear right after logging. Fixed a visual bug where the tier level 1 was showing behind the Adventure icon on the menu. Fixed the achievement called Farmer, where you have to harvest gardens. Fixed a bug where it was not counting as completed after you finished all 5 goals in Week 1 of an Adventure. Fixed an error of the empty garden model. Fixed the model of Red Peggie. There was a random face on her leg (colored tattoos weren't invented yet). Added Tokens to the random Balloons as findable. They do not come automatically anymore. Increased the rewards of the Mission GUBBERRIES from 2 to 10 Crafting Tools. Changed some translations in the Portuguese language. We have added a new feature when it comes to notify if you got robbed means you will get a message from now on if someone cracked your door or your chests. We finally got accepted on Twitch, which means we are able now to bring more features through the platform. The first part was adding a Box-Art which we did already. More information coming soon! Fixed the achievement where you had to discover 15 places. Fixed a misplaced road in the south-east of the map. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier. Facebook: Support: Discord: Website: Forums:: Twitter: Youtube: Steam:
  13. Clothes Missing

    IF you buy something in the marketplace, then it will get delivered into your mailbox which you can open by interacting with the Post Office NPC. Keep in mind, you only have 3 days to pick it up.
  14. You need more than 2GB of video memory.
  15. challenge is not completed

    That farm will be fixed on the next update.