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  1. Sheirff

    Yeah you probably have to re-join the server.
  2. Sheirff

    I gave you a small land deed inside your mailbox which you can open by interacting with the post office NPC.
  3. Sheirff

    That account has a land deed placed down means you don't have to get one from the game. We only give you one if you don't have any. Or maybe you gave us the wrong character name?
  4. Sheirff

    Tell me your character's name and I will have a look.
  5. Sheirff

    Where exactly you have issues?
  6. Wild West Online

    Hey there. When it comes to this then I have to tell you, that New Frontier has nothing really to do with WWO. The only part which we took over was the user logins. All the cosmetics or items were wiped and an amount of premium currency got added to the account depends how much has been wiped.
  7. Sheirff

    That feature exists but not finished at the moment.
  8. Patch 03.17.2020 Changelog

    No, that is a bug and we are working on a fix for it. Please join our discord server for live updates. Greetings,
  9. Patch 03.17.2020 Changelog

    Fixed a client crash which was caused when the spiked barricades exploded. Fixed some descriptions of base build objects. From now on you will be able to craft the HP Repeater Ammo after learning the Blueprint. Fixed description of a 2x XP buff. Fixed a bug where the player was getting randomly XP while not doing anything and leveled up and after disconnecting you rolled back in levels. Animal Traps has been fixed. Now you can do damage while shooting them. We started working on the cover of the Vendors for loyalty levels. Vendor Loyalty is there. We have started with the Gunsmith, Doctor, and Butcher. More will come in future updates. We have unlocked 10 missions for each Vendor for now, we want to see how long it takes for players to level up the loyalty. All these missions have a 12-hour cooldown, that means if you complete all the 10 missions, then you can redo them after 12 hours again. We have changed the amount of XP which you receive after crafting 1 bullet of any type. They were way too high and people literally were standing AFK to reach a high level. From now on you only earn 1 XP per bullet instead of 5, 25, 50 or 75. We have removed the Creatures completely because of the missing footstep sound. Zombies have been added on the same placers where the Creatures were spawning before. We have made some changes to the Russian localization. From now on you can place the Candles on top of your tables inside your base. We have removed all the TREASURY NOTES rewards from the game. This feature was getting abused and caused future problems. We have removed the bushes from the Town Capture event map to prevent players from camping inside and killing enemies at their spawn. Changed the weekly mission called HUNT MONSTERS to HUNT ZOMBIES because of the changes which are listed above. Cleaned up the offer of the General Store. Traps and ammunition have been removed. Traps are now purchasable at the Butcher and ammunition at the Gunsmith shop. Changed the description of Shield Potions. Whoever has been banned for abusing new accounts, can contact Billy on the forums or on the discord server. Start requirements for Magnificent 5 have been changed to 5 teams which means it will also start if there are 5 solo players. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier. Facebook: Support: Discord: Website: Forums: Twitter: Youtube: Steam:

    Howdy partners, ⚡️ It's time to remove the winter clothes? Now it's the perfect timing. 🏆 All TN packages having a discount of up to over 50%! ⚡️ If you buy TN on certain packages, you will receive a huge discount! Go to the in-game store and purchase your TN right now to take advantage of the sale! 📌Play New Frontier and Magnificent 5 for FREE

    Hey there, First of all thanks for your idea but that won't happen. Forcing the community to do something is always a bad idea. Also with base building, the server would be overloaded and would cause FPS issues.
  12. TREASURY NOTES Sale February 2020

    Dear partners, ⚡️Have you been longing for a new jacket? What about an eyepatch to hide your scar? Is your stallion up to par with your looks? Well, we bring you good news. 🏆We are doing a flash sale on TN purchases in New Frontier and Magnificent 5. ⚡️If you buy TN on certain packages, you will receive a huge discount! Go to the in-game store and purchase your TN right now to take advantage of the sale! 📌NOTE: The sale ends on the 23rd of February, 2020 (PST). 📌Follow us on our socials: Facebook: Support: Discord: Website: Twitter: Youtube:
  13. Shop Loyality - Your help needed!

    Okay, you got me. I had problem to work after I checked your ideas, I was laughing too hard
  14. Shop Loyality - Your help needed!

    Thank you for all your ideas!