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  1. Shop Loyality - Your help needed!

    Quest could give something is impossible to craft now or trade system for others for example: 100 Express Reapter Ammo = 10 HP Repeater Ammo 200 Bandages for 5~15 Doctor bags 200 Santa Tonic for 1 Agave/Flax/Grape Seed 5 Random Seeds for 1 rare Seeds (Flax/Grape/Agave) 500 Gold Ingots for 2 Gold Bars Etc....
  2. NoFate Gang (Portuguese)

    [ENG] NoFate Gang is recruiting portuguese players with objective PvE/PvP, chill and funny group, need mike to use in our Discord [PT] NoFate Gang está a recrutar jogadores com objectivo PvE/PvP, ambiente divertido e descontraido, micro requerido para uso no Discord: (enviem MP para mandar discord link) NoFate Gang: Server EU 001