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  1. Stagecoach Cabin Change

    Oh wow, cant say im happy about having to redo it, but it is what it is. I'm glad you at least fixed the bug. Good job.
  2. Item Drop on Death Change

    I see lots of players worried about getting ganked. I personally am a solo player most of the time. I dont have a problem getting ganked, in fact the more the marrier. If your a good pvper there isnt a problem. I can usually take out a 2-3 man team by myself np. Not all the time, just depends on the average skill level of the team, but honestly most teams I have ran across are really bad at pvp. Dont get me wrong I die here and there too, but if you play smart you should have no issues. What I do. If you are collecting materials for base building or something else, go to a server that has a low population. Don't collect gold and metal ore at easy to get to sites always go to the mines that are harder to get to, less chance player will traverse the harder routes. Make sure you are looking around in 3rd person while mining, set your player in a position that allows you to see while mining. Always pay attention. When done mining, instead of running the loot back and risk getting killed with it, log out immediately after collecting it. You will be teleported to the nearest safe zone/railstation. No worry about losing your hard earned items. Dont travel with a lot of stuff on you. Minimize what you carry, be smart, only take 50-70 rounds of ammo at a time for each gun, thats enough for pvp and monster killing, without losing alot if you die, same with food, bandgaes, drink, etc, only carry enough for what you need, so when you die you dont drop extra stuff. Repair guns before you go out, dont carry kits with you, chances are you wont be shooting enough to need kits. If you are doing an animal/monster hunt, carry just what you think you will need. I mean its not hard, just play smart and you will minimize losing your stuff.
  3. Item Drop on Death Change

    Yeah, I'm totally in agreeance with you, I love what you did, I think it was a great idea. I was hoping more stuff would drop. You just made my day^^ I honestly was surprised this wasnt done sooner.
  4. Item Drop on Death Change

    If you think this is gonna help with people NOT killing on sight you are out of your mind. Now that we know even more items drop, were all going to be going out looking for even more people to kill. You guys just made the problem your trying to fix even worse. There is a ren and stimpy meme I would like to refer you to. Don't get me wrong, I love pvp and am happy you did this, now I will get even more looted up for destroying players. I'm not sure how you thought this would stop people from killing but whatever lmfao-ahsya Anyways, keep up the great work I love it!