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  1. Town Capture - New Event!

    its already been addressed before, but here we go. The devs have already stated that the current loot table is only there to give you something for the time being, their primary objective si to have a fully functioning game mode first and worry about loot second. That being said, dude its a free to play game in EA, get over yourself and the sense that the devs owe you something at all, they could've just left it as giving you exp and that would be fine, but instead they give you guns and supplies. I've gotten a fair share of EQs and i dont worry about it, If i dont need them then i break them down for parts. Atleast they are working on adding content and improving the game, so if your biggest concern is that you didnt get the gun you wanted this time then my dude you're doing this wrong. I spent about 4 hours playing last night and have gotten anything from model 87s to EQs and I got some winstons its random loot and its free. get over it.
  2. Town Capture - New Event!

    i still cant get my guns from the mailbox or anything for that matter and they will expire soon...
  3. POLL - Should bases be descructible

    Why not make it to where someone can raid your base, but the destruction is for a limited time? So then the invader has a time limit to get the loot he can find and after time runs out he gets kicked out and cant break into same house for a certain amount of time like a cool down (meaning the base would restore itself to the state it was before the raid). This could be offset by the cost of some gold cash and a few mats. That way the victim doesn't lose their base and the raider gets a chance at getting some loot, it would also make for some intricate designs for the bases. also i know its not really related but damn. I'm lost on how to produce the gold bars to buy land plots and large land plots from bank, it doesn't give an explanation on how to acquire the gold bars. Not to mention gun trader not selling the better guns because of the Tier level. but no way to increase the tier level yet. seems pretty unfair to try and get a better gun from drops when someone higher level or on an older account who had a chance to get a better gun, can straight up outgun you. Oh, and lastly raiding would not be so bad if we could craft mats quicker, waiting 30s plus to make 1 crafting stone is boring as fuck, I spend 30 mins gathering rocks to spend another 30 mins crating stones 1 at a time.