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  1. Patch 10.31.2019 Changelog

    I don't think many of us are waiting for season 2 to least I'm not. I don't know what your dev roadmap is but this game has to implement some basic functionality like we have said over and over..... Either you have features in the game or not.... - Vendor loyalty is still not fixed or working yet with no indication you even plan on using it - Still no way to queue multiple items in the crafting menu. Seriously? I don't have 3 hours to craft stone / steel / wood one by one by one, my mouse will use it's 5,000,000,000 clicks for it's lifetime and I will only craft 5 pieces of wood to make 1 damn wall! - In game voice has a perimeter of what? How far away does voice go? Why isn't it server wide no matter where I am on the map? For now i just tell ppl to get on discord, it's much easier than to lose them after I go 10 feet in front of them and they can't hear me. - No blueprints for the real items. I have yet to see a strong door, dynamite, long rifles, lamp post and other item blueprints anywhere. I'm beginning to think they don't exist. - Base buildings are capped at 150 pieces but why? If we have a land deed it shouldn't have a cap on how much we can build on it. We should be able to use ALL the space within our lot, half the time I can't place foundations in spots for no reason besides the code is shit. - Base building is still lacking a Flip when placing items down. My stairwell's can only go one way? Sure I can rotate it but I can't flip it. Not to mention the doorways do not line up with 2 way stairwells. - Base building items are too damn much.....50 metal for 1 foundation? 25 metal for a wall? - Still no way to see who's in the server with you while your playing? Really? - No way to add a server to - No way to create a permanent clan / team. - All the locks for doors are pointless as they can be picked by anyone with 10 seconds to spare with no real penalty besides bandit status for what 2 minutes? Why don't the bandits show ingame on my compass? Why do I have to be in the map view mode to see them? - Where did all the monsters go? - No marketplace to sell our items to other players? - Titanium alloy is too rare....I bought 2or3 alchemist packs so if u do the math that's either 10-15 items and I got titanium 1 damn time. Honestly I don't know why I bother typing this shit out.....I just keep typing the same things over and over but you guys put up threads like " we need suggestions"....pfffft we give them to you but you don't implement anything. All the patch notes / updates are horse shit "fixing typo's" and "floating mesh's in the map" not making the CORE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE GAME YOUR PRIORITY TO GET FIXED! And now your making ANOTHER game mode that people won't play instead of fixing simple functions of the game that you continue to ignore.
  2. Will you be releasing api's for web developers? Server tools / info would be a great addition to those of us with websites. And will you be adding the servers to
  3. We are looking for 100 places in the do I know which ones Im supposed to be looking for ? Which ones have I already found? Is there somewhere I can see that?
  4. Anyone need a skull?

    Anyone in need of the skull....add me ingame: VAPOR33 I have an extra one if you need it...
  5. Search for Eagle Head Mountain

    I can confirm the skull is real....found 2 today!
  6. Loyalty Tiers

    lol definitely a dev account
  7. Patch 9.03.19 Changelog

    Your adding game modes when basic game mechanics are still fucked up? How about you either add or remove the vendor loyalty so we can get better weapons? How about adding a playerlist on the servers we are currently on? How about fixing the craftable wooden crates that can magically lose our gear/loot? What about adding a damn life bar above enemies so we know what their health is? Adding friends from a playerlist instead of who's in your vicinity? But hey at least your fixing your typo's.....but if that's what your interested in you should look at your frontier game servers page because the spelling is all fucked up on multiple pages including like 3 other of your domains. For
  8. After further playtime here are some more suggestions: 1. Base foundations should not be able to be destroyed. I'm ok with doors, windows, walls etc....being able to be destroyed within reason and with varying strengths! Example: A wooden door is worth say 100 hit points to be destroyed. A Stone door is worth say 400 hit points to be destroyed. A Metal door is worth say 700 hit points to be destroyed. (this would be the same with any type of building material except Foundations which should not be able to be destroyed in my opinion) Pure and Simple....if someone is going to be a douchebag and try to destroy / loot my should be very difficult for them to do so. Adding to my previous suggestion for a notification system if our bases are being attacked by someone so we can log in and deal with it before all our shit is looted. 2. Why can't we craft a steel door / lock that cannot be lock picked by anyone? I have over 100 hours of playtime and have yet to see a blueprint for strong door yet..... 3. Buying an XP boost from the store is pointless since your ingame coding basically LIMITS the amount of gold/steel/wood mined when a boost is active. For example I mine Gold and with boost active I netted 600 materials But when I didn't have a boost active that same mining time would of netted me 1500 materials. Who the hell is buy xp boosts if your basically negating the extra amount of xp/materials gained by having a boost active? I sure as hell am not going to be buying them and would love the amount added back to my bank notes! 4. Why can't we see ingame who is on the server playing with us? 5. You should add the server time in the main screen of the game with a countdown timer or something to let players know when the vendors will open back up. 6. Still no working vendor loyalty? Why not open the weapons with a higher price tag until you figure that feature out? And add a list of features that DON"T WORK YET so we don't waste recipe points and xp points for shit that doesn't work yet? 7. I still never received my small land deed that was glitched out of my inventory. Check my account and you'll see that I had to spend real money to get a large land deed because you wouldn't answer my request / report of the bug. 8. Clan / Team creation would be a great addition so we don't have to keep creating these groups every time we want to play with our friends / clan mates. A searchable listing with info about our teams : webpage, discord, steam, clan logos, application forms, editable team roles/positions/permissions just to name a few 9. Ingame trading system that we can easily use between players to trade goods/materials etc.... 10. Mod tools for builders / coders that we can create mods or pre-fab buildings via an ingame marketplace of some sort? 11. The ability to add / invite anyone on server to a group/party without having to be in the same "vicinity". 12. Add sound to the ninja bears/monsters that they are nearby and I'm about to get the shit kicked outta me.....too many times I may be in the menu or whatever and get a ninja bear mauling because I can't hear shit besides my lifeless body hitting the ground because a I couldn't hear it coming. 13. Destroying a building material when editing my base should give me ALL THE MATERIALS back ! The only time we should lose any amount of materials invested should be when they are attacked by non friendly players. 14. Static meshes/Bsp rocks surrounding mountain tops/peaks are still horribly coded for collision. Not sure what engine your using or if it's an inhouse engine but you really need to rework the rocks/boulders all around the map in regards to movement or traversing them on horseback. Getting stuck every 2 feet is getting old fast. The rivers should all be crossable except the ones bordering the outer limits of the map itself. Having to literally find a 3foot by 3foot path across some rivers to the other side is very annoying and tedious....especially if we are evading monsters or enemy players. These are just some more ideas/issues I've had personally and probably aren't shared by everyone. But suggestions nonetheless...hope it helps?
  9. No you don't understand....once I destroyed my house so I could move was in my inventory. I went to bed irl.... Woke up next day and logged in and my land deed is gone, I have no flag to interact with! I literally don't have a small land deed anymore. Why can't I buy a land deed from the banker? I can't sit for 50 events hoping to get ALL 50 events for the gold bars. It's very frustrating when you make it difficult to do simple things. I know your working on it but I can't do shit without a land deed....
  10. Removed by vapor....still wish they would give me my damn land deed back that bugged out of my inventory....
  11. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    So you've identified land deed's missing from players inventory & patched the issue with missing items after they are destroyed but yet I don't get my land deed back? wtf
  12. Patch 08.19.19 Changelog

    Can you fix the bug where we lose our shit? How the fuck am I suppose to craft 50 gold ingut bars to afford a replacement small deed if I don't have a small deed to place crafting equipment? I can no longer use other ppl's crafting You guys need to fix the basics of this game for it to even get off the ground...
  13. Just wanted to post that I finally got logged into my account but land deed is gone still. Haven't got kicked "yet"....still wonder where my loot went though.
  14. No offense but where is the organization? You need : A Bug Reporting System - Bugzilla or Mantis software would be a free flexible choice.. You have too many posts all over the place (steam and here) with no centralized set in stone threads. Close the steam discussions as they are worthless as shit and just use these as the "official" forums. You can redirect from your steam page. And if it were up to me...let this domain expire or just redirect it to an official domain ( or whatever) separate this game from the for obvious reasons. Centralized Information for everybody: 1 suggestion thread (for players to suggest / request features to be added) 1 development thread (whats being worked on at the minute by the devs) 1 known issues (known issues and listing of non-functioning features not yet implemented) 1 announcements / patch note thread (for special news and all patch notes) Tutorial: It's lacking a lot of basic information needed for starting players. I'm not trying to be an asshole, I'm just trying to help as I found it very confusing trying to find any information about my issues with the game. Yes I understand this is an alpha right now...that's why I posted some ideas / observations I had. This game has a shit ton of potential : I would hate to see it fall apart because the devs were stubborn etc..... I'm only being critical because I would like you guys to succeed. Very good start devs, thanks for all the hard work so far!
  15. Basebuilding improvements

    1. Crafted wood / metal is a grindfest to mine and craft yourself. WTF i dont have 36 hours to mine enough shit for 1 wall. 2. Your tutorial sucks ass....doesn't explain shit but the obvious. What is the red bandit shield in upper left corner of my screen about? Whats the blue shield in the upper left corner about? Oh I get a horse by pressing H....wheres that in the tutorial? Crafting shit takes forever and a lifetime... I realize its not gonna be instant but fuck me....not 45 minutes of me hackin away at some trees to get enough materials to make a fucking popsicle stick! 3. If your shopping in a store and it "closes for the night" guess what if your in there when door closes your stuck in there until morning (unless you have a lockpick like i did) - Make all doors able to open to outside from inside. 4. Losing life for no goddamm reason and having to eat like an obese fat porker just to keep from dying is beyond annoying. 4. Shooting animals in the head with 10 shotgun blasts point blank should only take 2 at most. Again I don't expect it to be instant headshots but cmon... 5. Putting water in a canteen and drinking it SHOULD NOT POISON ME! Why have a canteen if you can't fill it and drink it? 6. Land deeds are too expensive....well maybe not for trump but when you get shit ingame by way of gold etc....the cost is enormous. 7. NOBODY HAS ANY GEAR BECAUSE ITS TOO GRINDY AND BROKEN TO START PVP'N ANYONE! 8. When crafting the amount decreases in your inventory instead of the other way around. 9. Where are the award logs from the sheriff in vainbank? It showed me getting 750.00 bucks and then guess what....I don't have the money. If you could check and verify logs on server 007 usa that would be great. It happened like 20 minutes ago. 10. How do you get blueprints? 11. Where's all the level 2 and up weapons? Why are they locked out and I gain zero loyalty to the store clerks? 12. If im at my base....why can't i fast travel to vainbank? If your only gonna have 1 damn town that's worth a shit.....don't make it so i have to jump 3 trains and 3 stage coachs to get there. Add more towns with gear we can buy elsewhere. 13. I want to flip my building items not just rotate it the same way over and over. 14. Let us create custom recipes/crafting....for instance: horse nip (it makes your horse run ultra fast for 2 mins) you get the idea. 15. Add binoculars 16. Integrate some sort of twitch account feature with an award or something for streamers that link our twitchs or prime. 17. What do you press to see who's on your server? 18. How can you easily add a friend from the server your on? 19. What time is it ingame and where do you find that info out? 20. Why can't I ever gamble in the saloon? 21. Where's the hookers? I mean female companions?