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  1. Stuttering and freezing

    Update, removing RTS from windows 10 worked for me. Its the SSD. Certain of it. I had to uninstall RTS from windows, since they wont let you just turn it off. lol Then it was silky smooooth. all the time.
  2. Stuttering and freezing

    What Mice do you run on them. The same? Also the OS? I have same problems. On my PC. Everyone I know says it runs fine. I tested it. I opened the vault and watch my fps dip under 10 fps while doing small circles with just my cursor. Leads me to believe its either my mouse or its software. I do not have another mouse to try at the moment to eliminate that possibility. You say it only happens in the CTF event? Are you really testing the threshold in the open world? Looking around fast while riding horse and such. I say looking around fast, but what would be required to make a quick response to fire or sightings.. My post. If this describes your symptoms.
  3. Investigate mysterious stones near totems

    I found them. The gingseng quest should be removed. The stones were pretty obvious. I think the server I normally play on was bugged. It was part of the wipes recently that was corrupted. So maybe that had something to do with the myst stones.
  4. Investigate mysterious stones near totems

    This dude saying he found it 185m from one. No one can give an aprox direction from the totems or what? The map sucks pretty badly for this quest.
  5. Investigate mysterious stones near totems

    I call BS. Also, what do these rocks even look like? Someone have a SS of one?
  6. Investigate mysterious stones near totems

    So gingseng is actually in game? Because I have searched all around the plant spawns. I get the inkling you guys troll us too much.
  7. I get constant frame rate fluctuation. I will rest in idle between 75 and 95. I move mouse even slightest. Frames can drop(meaning its very intermittent, it does happen at the very minimum every 2-3 seconds. Occasionally up to 10-30 seconds depending if I move my mouse at all) They drop to 30-40s even 20s in some dense areas or clearly optimized areas. System as followed. i5-8600k @ 3.6GHz ASRock Z370 Extreme4 LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z370 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Intel Motherboard G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) GTX 1660 superclock game is installed on samsumg evo 960 m2 PSU- EVGA 550 N1, 550W Fairly high end system. Also will be trying to turn back on mouse setting for Enhance performance cursor in windows mouse setting. *Update: Turning Enhance performance cursor back in mouse setting advanced options smoothed it out, however frame fluctuation seems very likely from mouse movement relation. Opening vault and just moving cursor in small circles just somewhat fast, not too fast. Brings my frames down under 10 constant. Also I will note that all settings are on low. However, I am almost certain this will have no bearing on the outcome of this. Using Logitech g502 hero. Their software as well of course.
  8. Item Drop on Death Change

    Game devs, dont care about what we think. Too many games out there that just proves this. Epic, Pubg, Day Break, EA. As long as communities continue to fuel their garbage. They will keep shoveling them out. I thought this game was different. How wrong I was. If its not the game dev's its their supporting interests...So essentially I blame them.
  9. Remove The damn mailbox

    Most of your players that demand no mailboxes, dont want to save their earned cash to buy mail boxes. They want to buy research points or boosters. No mailbox = im gone. Along with the majority of the population certainly. Cheaters are rampant. Bases are not safe, even if they are max distance from the ground and you have to build to get in to it. So no mailbox= me gone. As is I think ill wait for this shtty patch to be tweaked. I wont be losing my building mats because the devs are braindead.
  10. How is it possible?

    People use their horse as well. I had some ppl trying to glitch in to my base wilst defending. My base is not on the ground. It is at least 3 stories high.They would get off their horse right beside my foundations and the game would jettison them into my floor that was over the lip of the other foundation. Great game mechanics thus far. Prior to that.
  11. Item Drop on Death Change

    Does this mean I can kill those premium gun carriers with a chance to retrieve their gun? If not, then I have spent my last minute on this game. I have a feeling with the aimbotters, that you are absolutely right. Cheaters have more incentive to be extra obvious now. Unless that is their goal. To provide a greedy outlet for hackers so they can be caught...? I havent seen or heard of hackers being dealt at all to be honest. Every sketchy fker I've come a crossed I have seen again elsewhere.