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  1. Patch 8.26.19 Changelog

    (Monsters drop rare and common things. The one with 2 legs, is the one and only dropping as option: seeds. Once you get Flax seeds from them, make the recipe and plant it OUTSIDE. not inside your land plot, and it will dissapear aswell, when the server restarts, so... now or never!)
  2. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    Less than 5 minutes of lifetime it is not intended to be an issue. When we click the map, it says the time that needs to be ready again, not the time when it will expire (fish trap/stream miner/garden/animal trap). Now, tested, each time the server restarts, all the gardens and those... gone, no matter if they are in our land or outside. So, probably, the other day I got those less 10 minutes of lifetime items, due they changed something on the run (I guess). Or just someone must to clarify what happens if we put those items in our land... or in nobody's land. The lifetime is way different, but not sure... why? And please... one thing is about to replenish all animal traps... and way different is about to create AGAIN the gardens... due those monsters never will ask us "hey, what kind of drop do you need from me?" Just to understand, from devs, how it is working actually, to be more cautious. When we choose "Purify", using it in a campfire or so, it even makes some sounds. It appears too, some fast popup and dissapears again. Hopefully I could grab it as screenshot one fine day, maybe it is an error msg or something. But yes, still water cannot be purified (as far as I know). Tried even to carry the canteen to a totem but nope, Purify on grey there
  3. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    EU Server. Situation 1. Now, I can't get my Small Land Deed from the Post Office to the inventory. It opens at the end, a popup saying "FAIL". Situation 2. What is happening with the animal traps, fish traps and stream miners? Again, dissapeared. Easily being checked because they dissapear in the map aswell. In less than 30 minutes, I've lost 11 stream miners (all of mine), and then 5 more than I've got later. 650$ to the trash. Maybe, if devs allow us to get them from the ground (only those that are really our ones) to store them at the Post Office, we get a chance to try to not to see again how they dissapear...