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  1. Patch 09.10.2019 Changelog

    What about the reconnection time after ending the town capture? Next update?
  2. Item Drop on Death Change

    Really needed update at this time!! Said no one ever.
  3. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    Hi there, The weekly challenge (collect monster skull)may be bugged, searched a long time, still haven't found it. If this is really a bug, Devs anwser so people dont lose their time searching for something that is not there. At least the horse stamina is fixed. Add some value to rings, cigars and other lootable things, because looting them just to sell for 1.5$ is not worth it, we could use them to craft recipes ou exchange for something else, but as of now they are wortless, or even change the trader required items, so it wont be the same all the time. Looting for perfect skins or horns its hard the drop rate is very low, one time I have killed around 50 deers to only droop 1 perfect skin. To overcome this problem, you could add a skill that when you skin a animal you get better loot. For example the XP skill for undiscovered location is good at the beginning, but after you reach a certain lvl the xp that you gain is not worth it, crafting shotgun slugs is the best way to lvl, and you can get to lvl 100 fast. Season boost xp(mine +35%) + 50% xp boost + daily reward x2 xp boost, you'll get around 200xp with each craft. Looting safe for 1 gold bar is useless, being lvl 80, I rather craft ingots because I get 2 for each craft now, and by just farming gold deposits I can craft 20-30 Ingots easily with 1 run. They you van loose bounty lvl is also stupid, just go die to a monster and the stars are gonne with no loot dropped. Fix this pls, drop loot when you die or don't loose you bounty lvl if you die to a monster. Also some weapons are glitched, can die with one shot at full health and half shield, very disappointing if you want to have fun with PVP. Also I noticed, when I have upgraded my cattleman with the ct model 3 equiped, the mod kids upgraded ct model3, happened to my friends also. The weekly challenges should give more rewards and be more challenging, because I can do all the quest in 1 day and then wait till it resets. Vainbank mission suck, cant get decent stuff and xp reward is just useless. Devs breafe the members on what is to come and what to expect, because fixing little things every week and not making improvements it will make players lose their insterest in the game. Till now the 12€ that I paid where not worth it. Give some special rewads for people who have a good amount of time played and gave you some money to continue your work. Players like to get exclusive stuff, which can them become rare. Like skins in CSGO.