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  1. Basebuilding improvements

    Reduce gathering and crafting time, allow multiple craft at once so we don't have to wait 2 sec between each object .. Then take away craft successful. Maybe do it so you can craft 1 or 10 of each object in one hit instead of 1 at a time with 2 sec between. I love the idea of change it to a Letter box with the same function as the flag. take the (Here I am light from it) so people have to look to find the bases outside safe zones. Lighting :IE lanterns like the old west, Fire Place, usable candles. That the player can turn on or off. Fences more decorations more missions to keep us busy. Another town and more shops would be great. everyone seems to be complaining about the locks on doors and chest being picked ect, they all want a safe storage for the base. However that is what the mail box is for. But yes I would also like one safe spot to store a little so i dont have to ride back to town every 5 secs. Maybe a create that can safely store 5 or 10 items in your home that costs. say 2 or 3 gold bars. That might work. This so far seems like a good game with lots of potential. You guys have done great so far with it:)
  2. Stagecoach Cabin Change

    So to open 1 stagecoach trav now you need.... $175.00, 50 Craftwood, 25 craft stone, 25 craft metel, 17 craft tool, 5 craft chems, 2 crude fuel, 5 fabric........Are you out of your minds..... I am level 31 and i cant find crude fuel!!!!!!! Honestly take out the crude fuel and fabric and make it at least possible for new player..... There are 14 stage coach to be opened.... Way to go to bugger up new players. heck they cant even go for the drops as the other older players are unlocked fast travel and beat them to it. come on guys........ So total $2450, 700 craft wood, 350 craft stone, 350 craft metel, 238 craft tools, 70 craft chems, 28 crude fuel, 70 craft fabric. for them to open the stage coaches. Just where do they find the crude fuel??????
  3. POLL - Should bases be descructible

    I know spent more than enough time gathering resources to build the base and that craft button. I dont want to spend all my time gathering resources to rebuild just to log off for the night and come back the next day to have to do it all over again. Defeats the idea of having a base and there is way to many players that would rather raid and destroy bases then play the game. More quests would be great give us something more to do. Maybe a few more monsters.... Maybe just make the raiding be only available when the owner of the base was online. Then the owner gets a notification and make it so the owner can then defend it.