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  1. Item Drop on Death Change

    I mean. I am glad you drop more stuff, you now have to be more careful what items you have on you... also I killed a dude with 40 shield pots on him, so I cant rly complain.
  2. POLL - Should bases be descructible

    I gotta say that I mostly agree with this. In the current state, every wall can break only by using revolver, which is kinda silly. I would personally maybe only let the wooden wall to be destroyed by guns, but stone and metal wall should be destroyable only with some kind of explosive, also the wood is shot very quickly, I would atleast double or maybe triple the durability there. That said... I would make explosives hard to get, they could be inside the safe or atleast in the airdrop or be crafted through more steps... for example have blueprint for gunpowder, blueprint for explosive (which would already be able to destroy stone walls) and then out of them have blueprint for some kind of explosive charge for destroying metal walls.
  3. Patch 8.28.19 Changelog

    Well, but the chest is only at Vainbank, right? Because I could not find it in Little Spur. PS.: It might be just me, but scrolling for right object (wall/doorway/etc) in building menu doesnt work now. PSx2.: The word "Venison" is misspelled in the new weekly quest
  4. Patch 8.26.19 Changelog

    thanks boys, gonna hunt those bastards down
  5. Patch 8.26.19 Changelog

    Cool update, how can I get flax seeds?