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  1. Map locations 100?

    No way, i waste my time Dergnat 29 Oct 2019 06:54 By the way, i haven't got my large land deed lot, i've just 97/100 locations then no badge to get. What's the matter with my account ? What have i done to you ? Answer: Hey there, About which Large Land Deed you are talking about? Keep in mind, they are not visible in your inventory. There are 105 locations in total on the map.
  2. Map locations 100?

    Oh my god !! but what's happen with my account then ??? i travelled all the the map.... Thank you for the tip pink. I know that, and i have had it in my bank, but not the large one. Thank you all for your answers.
  3. Map locations 100?

    Yes, it's strange. In my case, i login in few days ago, with still 5 cabins badge.May be i missed something between March and today ? I haven't my large land deed lot neither. Many things are stange, isn't it ?
  4. Map locations 100?

    i've got 97 locations and i have travelled all the map.
  5. Character name used

    thank you
  6. Character name used

    Hello, i'd been playing WWO since the start and i'd played on march, until tried today to loggin. But i've had a character creation screen. I wrote one of my old characters name, but i had a message saying names are used. How can i get my old account ?
  7. Character name used

    Thank you. I don't think so because all my three names are used. So i think they are in data base linked to my account. I could have understand for one of them but three??? i've sended a ticket and i'm waiting the answer. See you later