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  1. Town Capture spawn kill

    this is actually another prob with CTF, spawn area should not be accessible by enemy team, have the teams jump down cliffs to get to map maybe, something..
  2. Hello, I'm enjoying the game so far, I play with my kid and another online friend, I have actually spent money on this game, not because I feel like the in game purchases are worth it, but because I want to help the dev team. I like their game and want them to keep it up, I have a few suggestions that I feel would help the game out tremendously. Static spawn items - Why can't ore, stone, wood and gold nodes spawn randomly? Map additions - Self explanatory. Allow different servers to run more varied maps, maybe have outposts lead to a new map on the same server? Guns - need more of them, need more recipes, ammunition always need more types of ammo, just more firearms in general though really, also allow weapon kits to fix the last tier! Food - OMG! the food needs reworked bad! Some of the recipes are ridiculous and then don't fill the last bar of food, change that plz, for example biscuits aren't even close to worth the trouble, always need more recipes, more variation on effects and buffs. Building - come on guys, it's just almost not worth having a base, too easy to break in, the slot system, I could go on and on but I am not trying to be insulting just stating that the building aspect of this game needs the most love in my opinion, give us more shapes, more traps, different materials or recipes, I have a hundred glass shards and cant use them for anything. Materials - Half the stuff I have is used for nothing, as far as I know. The recipes need expanded and updated, add more content maybe more different ore nodes or something, add better building options to use these materials with. People will not usually play a pay to win game, they will play a fun game, and if it is fun enough they will not mind spending some money if for nothing else to help the dev team keep up the great work. The tier system with vendors, please get this working asap, as much money as I have spent with these guys they would probably marry their daughter off to me. Lost of stuff needs polished up, but the game is fun af. I do have a gripe about the CTF event, the match making needs some tweaking, when you join a game that is almost over and you are behind 100 pts, it's hopeless. Perhaps holding a flag yields pts over time, thus reversing the score system, start at 0 hold the flags till you get to 500, idk but the way it is now is basically a crap shoot every game, not to mention loading times but I wouldn't mind the wait if it were worth waiting for. I really hope you guys stay on this game, it is truly fun, once expanded enough with massive content additions I would just charge flat out for the game and drop in game TN.
  3. Hello, recently discovered this game. I kinda liked it so I dropped the 12.99 for the gun pack, and my gun bugged out of my backpack. I never died to a player or animal and my gun is just gone, what do I do? I have sent several emails and yet my model 60 super has never been returned. I just can not accept the fact that the gun disappeared which is exactly what it did.