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  1. because they're in the safe zone
  2. Thanks to technical support!!!

    I'm not paying for this business... )))
  3. Thanks to technical support!!!

    it's just a game )
  4. I completely restored my house and even expanded it. Thanks to the quick help of technical support, compensated materials were enough. Only the missing ingots I got myself. )))
  5. House

    New Frontier [Разработчик] Hey guys. There was an issue with the servers that have been fixed. However, some houses did indeed disappear from the game. To resolve this, we need you guys to send a ticket at informing us what you lost and your account name/email. We apologize for this.
  6. Server Downtime - Vault System

    I was sent compensation, thanks to technical support. Helped very quickly... please contact technical support, it is really very good
  7. Server Downtime - Vault System

    If you can not ensure the safety of the house, make a 100% refund of resources. If you have not made trade loyalty levels, open a trade...
  8. House

    Те же проблемы... Пропал дом, участок, 295 слотов (EU 20)... не думаю что с такими проблемами вы что-то заработаете, господа разрабы
  9. Patch 9.03.19 Changelog

  10. Patch 9.03.19 Changelog