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  1. Help us to make the game better!

    Add some weather effects into the game and bigger monsters that takes a group to kill. (maybe ones that roam around the land?) More missions and quest to do.
  2. Tips & tricks

    I have another one, for crafting or mining, tired of holding down the mouse button to mine and clicking to craft. Get something heavy and small like a D battery (its what I use) and set it on the enter key when crafting a stack of items. Also use it to hold down the mouse button when mining( I had to prop it up with the keyboard so it can stay). Then you can be AFK and do other tasks till its done.
  3. base lost

    They are not going to match what you lost, you know how many players lost all kinds of items. If they start giving back what players lost now then they will have to go though all the ones they already helped. I had lost way more stuff in my base when it disappeared but as what they gave back to me was 200 of materials and the land deed, its a lost but I am content with that and moved on with my life, at least its something than nothing. But whining and crying to get your way is getting old, they would of already fixed it by now if they wanted too. So simple fix, is to just give players X amount of resources and move on.
  4. rewards

    Increase your bag slots using your skill points or buy more space using TN at the store on the log out screen.
  5. base lost

    Just give them 200 of each so they can all be quiet. But then again how would they know who lost what unless players submitted a ticket, not everyone lost a base.
  6. Tips & tricks

    Hi everyone, I added this here so we can share ideas on any good tips or tricks ya'll had found out while playing this game. Did you know that after you finished doing the daily quest from Luke Willis and that girl (cant think of her name), you can log out and switch server to do them again. Also your daily gift from the sheriff, if you don't like what he has to offer just log out to a different server to get different selection.
  7. Is the Train coming soon?

    I like to ride on the big spider looking thing.
  8. It needs to be where if one person in a posse does a crime then the whole posse is flagged as outlaws as well because their friends gonna have each others back and its not right you kill one of their buddies and then the whole group is angry at you then they start stalking you to kill you. So they basically is apart of a crime even tho one person is committing.
  9. You have to go here and submit a ticket, but all your getting back is some building materials and the land deed. everything else you had, gone. I had 51 days of protection on my home and some items in the chest but all I got was like 200 wood and rocks and the small deed, that's it.
  10. Could be the antivirus, try disabling it and see.
  11. Post office

    Will Vainbank be the only post office that has the vault or will it be in the other offices as well?
  12. Horse leveling screen

    I don't think its still fixed, I have been dumping points into the speed and the dial does not move but one time, after that its like I'm throwing points away that I'm probably not getting back.
  13. Is the Train coming soon?

    A working train would nice and fun to rob.
  14. land maintenance

    Land deed also or it gets destroyed?
  15. I'm running this game on the lowest setting and using a 1gb NVIDIA graphic card, I had the same issue when I started, using a sharp HD smart tv as my monitor but when I changed out to a old regular Samsung tv 720p, the game is running so smooth. I dont know how to explain it, but try doing that.