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  1. I was one of the early investors in the game before it changed hands so to speak. I was very upset this past week after I worked so hard to build my home by famring for many many hours to pre pay for deed for 8 days only to have everything poof vanish 3 days later. I can not tell you how frustrating this is and since I was put onto a European server decided to start again on a US server. It's bad enough to loose the contents and all the mats it took to make but to not have my deed in my bank or inventory is beyond brutal. I had to spend more real cash to be able to buy a large deed since the small deed is insanely expensive and I just think this is wrong to people trying to support the development of the game. I can not get my mats back, my real cash spent back and more importantly all the time I spent to build which went away with a "poof". Now I cant find a free table to craft the mats I need to get started on my new home. So very disappointed with this.