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  1. Some change for new frontier

    Hi ! Thank you for answering me! I can't wait for all of this to happen in the game! ^^ I thought of another little thing, it would be good if it was possible to create ladders for example to invade enemy bases, because in the case where the enemy base has no stairs, it is impossible to do whatever it is and we can't access the chests.
  2. Some change for new frontier

    Hello ! I would like to ask you a few questions and suggest a few things, first, the game would need a market for the players to trade with each other, the game environment is not alive enough, it would take more animals and monsters on the map and PNJ, add a sound effect to monsters and animals, more craft and guns too, The decoration elements in the bases should perhaps not count in the construction slots, in terms of manufacturing, some manufacturing are very long especially when you have to repeat them several times to sharpen it would be necessary to add a queue system for craft without clicking each time We also lack diversity on the map and objective, Regarding PvP I find it a shame that players can buy as many slots for the safe chest, it kills the pvp a bit because there is no interest attacked an opposing group if it is stored in the safe chest We have a few objects in the game, for example craft objects, many of these objects are supposed to be useful for making a lot of things, for many of these objects we don't have the plants, should we find them? because in all my manufacturing available in the interface many are not present And for some of the manufacturing that we have it is impossible to find the missing objects, are they in the game? for example the Flax the game can be really good! it just takes a little more content so that it can become better and obviously more people will play it! one last thing, i'm a little scared, a lot of people talk about scam, is it still the case? Thanks in advance, I hope the game will progress soon enough! good luck