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  1. Shop Loyality - Your help needed!

    How about killing a number of humanoid monsters or the green ones ect.. gathering large gold nugets mission perhaps. upgrade building a certain amount also. Prefer reward to be guns,mods or bullets for killing missions, advanced pick or mining booster for mining, and materials or slots added for upgrading or building something. kool beans sheriff~~good luck
  2. Some change for new frontier

    All public campfires able too cook with them, I noticed a couple you cannot. should be easy excellent suggestion holly!
  3. Server Timeout

    Hmm, not sure that's the problem. It happens to me too and never on other games. Very telling its the server side perhaps. Server just boots me off. I have faith admin will get er fixed......
  4. Rules?

    oki doki
  5. Rules?

    I encountered an incident that angered another. Perhaps we should describe shielded area rules ? In my case I shot a wall from a players house in shielded area. I became a one star and inticed others to shoot at me. Instead I was called a jerk. I like all to have fun so not to disrupt the understanding of the game. So maybe rules ? A dialog may be helpful. Have fun