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  1. Base Security

    Thanks Kuux, thats another thing, its unclear to me still as to what takes damage and what doesn't. Foundations and decorative crates seemed to not take any damage. Like you suggested, I had relocated my base to a rural bear infested area of the map. The bears I thought would offer some security. As far as designs for a secure base I would gladly accept any advice you can give me. Maybe I can show you what I put together and you can test for vulnerabilities. Thanks in advance.
  2. Base Security

    Can a base be 100% secure? After being cleaned out of all my loot I found that I was really motivated to improve on my base design. So I did just that, relocated, redesigned and started all over. The second time I was driven to find the person and get even but that has lead me no where. This 3rd time is the last time. Without the option of complete base security, no matter the cost, I cant see myself going any longer.
  3. Zombies?

    Has looting become almost impossible for anyone else because of the zombies? There are a few places where you can go into the main structure and they wont follow. Most though are not like that. Am I missing something? For example, how do you safely go into the house at the Milroy farm? I've tried to go stealth, rushing in, guns blazing. I put up spikes as a barrier, ( they just go around btw, they take no damage) nothing works.
  4. I'm looking for the location of a players base. I'm offering $4000 in the form of Large Gold Nuggets. We can meet up in town, you lead me to the base and then we can make our way back to town where you will receive payment. Players name is "TopAlyson"