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  1. Sheirff

    hello sheriff I have talked to other players and they have the same problem that some new players get a large piece of land lots for free and that we do not have that too, they have 2 small land lots and those together are the same size as the ones that new players get for free so my idea is that you can solve this problem eg at me first by taking back my 2 small landlots and given me 50 gold and a large land lot and if that has been done to look for other people maybe via discor and question got what they said and what not so it is shared fairly for everyone on the servers I hope you can understand this and that we can come to a solution Thank you in advance and for hearing Sincerely BILL THE KID 2
  2. Sheirff

    than the smal land the get is 3 or 4 times bigger than the one i have got from the bank and from you come than online at eu official 014 and i can show you or you can see by yourself
  3. Sheirff

    thanks got it for sure tank you a lot for that but now i have to ask you why i did get a smal one and avery new player did get a big one the big one is 4 times amount of the smal one not want to be ungrateful but if we can do it you may have to detroy both of my land lots and give me a big one as all the player have got for free i hope you undestand because i am a 40 year old dutch but my english is not that good now it is for me 2 time the amount of resourses to keep the building up becaus of 2 maps instead of 1
  4. Sheirff

    alright i look in the post office and ther is noting in the mailbox a wil log off and look again but is that the same as al the people get becaus i have got one from the bank at those are smaller then the one my friend has got in the post office as al the player get
  5. Sheirff

    no i do have now 1 it is a smal a ducht man John... was coming To The EU official 014 from eu official 015 and hé loan me 50 gold so i can play for a while thill the admins have get to a sollution for me that why i dont get it if a had it before it will come back to you in the post office and that is not so i ask you what we can do about it so i get as every player the same thing to build the same may bey you can give me the land lot large or maybey you can give me the amount of gold i am playing on the eu official 014 right now
  6. Sheirff

  7. Sheirff

    i do not get the free larg land lot in my post office or inventory so the makers of the game have to give me one in the post office or elswere or maybe 250 gold so i can buy one it is not fair if every player get on for free and i dont get one
  8. Sheirff

    hello you and the other Staff members do play mabey online and post stuf like this but you do NOT help other player that have a problem in game but the are paying players so please help help help and read the message that all players get a free land lot and i dont so fix this please