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  1. Bonuses for active players !

    Second and final part of this bonus program will be posted by your account on Monday August 5th by 8 AM PST. Players will need to satisfy following conditions as described in a bonus program : Have original WWO account ( ie account been registered with game before May 25th 2019 ). Played at least 40 hours by August 1st. Those players who satisfied those conditions will receive : For TOWNIE accounts - 750 TN For PIONEER accounts - 1,500 TN For COLLECTOR accounts - 4,500 TN
  2. TPS or FPS ?

    Not really. As we've said - first and foremost we're making Rust like game set in Wild West stylized ( but not historically correct in any way ) world. This is the game.
  3. TPS or FPS ?

    It's mocaped already
  4. Official discord channel
  5. PATCH 7.10.19 Changelog

    This patch includes following changes : BUG FIXES Particles bugs fixes - various Server crash fix related to inventories desync on killing monsters NEW FEATURE When your Lot will expire due not maintaining it, you'll get BACK to your Mail box land deed as well as percentage of all resources spent on building it. Those items will be available at Post Office once you'll login to server next time.
  6. TPS or FPS ?

    Questions says it all. Some of the team members opt for FPS only mode. And disabling TPS camera. But we're not making game for ourselves - we're making it for you. So please let us know how do you feel.
  7. PATCH 7.9.19 Changelog

    This patch includes following changes : BUG FIXES Fixed bug not registering all weekly/season pass missions as completed. Added proper link to error codes Memory optimizations Optimizing game for low spec configurations UI optimizations Inventory desync fix 2 client crash fixes
  8. Search for Eagle Head Mountain

    Nope :)))) But both are not easy ones :))).
  9. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    As soon as we'll have sizeable audience form the region, we'll have servers there. Can you elaborate on this ? Ie why you get feeling of static world in a new frontier and not in Rust ?
  10. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    For a sake of open discussion - what do you think let say Rust have, that we don't yet ? Yes, we do realize that it was different time and age, and all that. but still people are playing it, new players comes to it. In a nutshell - gameplay wise. You survive, you get new recipes, you build your house. You raid other players houses. New Frontier first and foremost is a Rust like game. It may succeed, or it may fail, but it will not fail or succeed based on a wild west online history. 99% of players who will play game in next two months never heard of it.
  11. Bonuses for active players !

    1,000 TN bonus posted !!!
  12. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    Next couple weeks, when we're ready. Game build was finally approved by Steam, but we won't flip switch until we feel it's ready.

    Please post your bugs and concerns to support forum and we'll help you !
  14. PATCH 6.24.19 Changelog

    "Please add NewFrontier.exe to your antivirus whitelist"
  15. Just wanted to drop quick update on what we're working right now. Optimizations. We basically started week ago long ( it'll be at least a month ) task of optimizing everything. We go thru ALL game content, optimizing textures, we going thru game code, replacing old WWO code with newer more optimal code. Overall game is not in a best shape right now optimizations wise. It have too much textures, require too much memory, thus suffers on low end configurations, and not letting users with high end cards/memory to have constant 60+ or even 90+ fps. THIS IS OUR BIGGEST PRIORITY RIGHT NOW. Gameplay related bugs - missing texts, missing goals, unclear things in a game and overall UX. Adding more quests, more NPCs, adding quests to vendors. Basically adding more "errands" and things to do to get XP, unlock new items, etc. Getting ready to get first instanced Event - Frontier Town capture available to players. This one we want to get ready by impending Steam Early Access. It's working right now, but we still feel it's kind of "meh" - it's fun, but is it going to be fun to do it over and over again ? This is something that is our focus right now.