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  1. Instanced events still planned?

    YEP ! Testing takes time though to make it fun
  2. Bonuses for active players !

    Second and final part of this bonus program will be posted by your account on Monday August 5th by 8 AM PST. Players will need to satisfy following conditions as described in a bonus program : Have original WWO account ( ie account been registered with game before May 25th 2019 ). Played at least 40 hours by August 1st. Those players who satisfied those conditions will receive : For TOWNIE accounts - 750 TN For PIONEER accounts - 1,500 TN For COLLECTOR accounts - 4,500 TN
  3. When will out TNs be refunded?

    We're not yet ready for "launch" - basically once we're raduy for Steam Early Access, we'll do this as part of preparations.
  4. TPS or FPS ?

    Not really. As we've said - first and foremost we're making Rust like game set in Wild West stylized ( but not historically correct in any way ) world. This is the game.
  5. Error over and over....

    We found it and working on fixing. Nasty bug took awhile to even reproduce
  6. Starting looking good

    We're not looking to be 100% historically accurate with game world as you may noticed :)))) We'll have FN, Lugers, some prototypes of full auto assault rifles. We won't get as crazy as adding Kalashnikovs to the game of course or even WW2 guns, but tommy guns are possibility if community will want that.
  7. Questions about garment bags and certain weapons

    Yes on both
  8. TPS or FPS ?

    It's mocaped already
  9. Is this Similar to WWO? And can we stream the game?

    We have several PVP events scheduled and in testing right now. As for PVE - while we don't have solid plans for now, we did talked internally about some ideas. Like cleaning town from monsters, rebuilding it, etc...
  10. WWO and badlands??

    We're not ready to make such announcement yet
  11. Is this Similar to WWO? And can we stream the game?

    It's not really a WWO. It's so much closer to SS. And yes you can stream !
  12. WWO and badlands??

    Nope, it's totally different, even though Frontier uses Badlands engine. But of course Badlands is a modern times, some Scifi elements, etc. Frontier is kind of western settings in a alternate reality, some steampunk, monsters, etc
  13. Steam release

    Doesn't work like this. What you see in game is logical servers aka channels. not physical ones. Number of physical servers allocated depends on how many users are on logical servers. Ie to create even single logical server, even for 1 player - we need to RENT - ie pay money every month with long term commitment ( 12 months at least to get best possible price ) physical server. What exactly is a slap ? We literally started game like less than two months ago. We offered FREE game alpha without paywall available to everyone. So now you're saying - it's a slap in a face of people who supported you ? Dude you're cryptic :). What do you even mean by that ?
  14. Official discord channel
  15. PATCH 7.10.19 Changelog

    This patch includes following changes : BUG FIXES Particles bugs fixes - various Server crash fix related to inventories desync on killing monsters NEW FEATURE When your Lot will expire due not maintaining it, you'll get BACK to your Mail box land deed as well as percentage of all resources spent on building it. Those items will be available at Post Office once you'll login to server next time.