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  1. Coolest Building so far

    I have a fully decorated large house that is open to the public on US server 13 on the river just west of Vainbank if anyone would like to take a look. It is over 1k in slots and about 90% complete. I would appreciate any comments.
  2. Patch 10.03.2019 Changelog

    yes, I learned this lesson last night as well when I placed farms on my property then realized I had to do it through the building mech by hitting "P" twice then "E" to go to the very end at the top of the build page and that is where all the farming stuff is. Now I have a nice roof-top garden!
  3. Coolest Building so far

    nice lodge house!
  4. town capture rewards

    yeah sorry, I am in the same boat but have received the rockspring + so like Billy said you might just be unlucky atm keep trying! See you in Town!