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  1. Coolest Building so far

    I have a fully decorated large house that is open to the public on US server 13 on the river just west of Vainbank if anyone would like to take a look. It is over 1k in slots and about 90% complete. I would appreciate any comments.
  2. Patch 10.03.2019 Changelog

    yes, I learned this lesson last night as well when I placed farms on my property then realized I had to do it through the building mech by hitting "P" twice then "E" to go to the very end at the top of the build page and that is where all the farming stuff is. Now I have a nice roof-top garden!
  3. OK, it is fixed now ty I don't know what you did but the crafting tables are all back now tyvm for your attn. in this matter.
  4. well no I don't have pics and I am not looking for any mat reimbursement I just want my slots in the house back. After the floor was knocked out the 8 slots those items took up are also gone you would think at least one of the two would come back but the house is acting like the items are still there taking up my slots and I don't have the items. I shouldn't need pictures to resolve that issue really. It is a bug apparently. My point is that the slots are gone now and so are the items and now the house is full-on slots and I cant replace my crafting tables even if I wanted too. I think after 700 slots I could get someone to at least look into it. Surely you can test the fact that the house after items like that disappear, take the slots with them. I can't afford to buy more slots atm so I am kinda in a spot as far as slots go on the house. But it is a bug that should be cataloged at least. If that is not enough info then I will just muddle through it and move on. OK, thanks I didn't think I could use other players stuff I try that.
  5. @Sheriff Billy Sorry, I know you guys are busy but, I also have another issue with this and that is that my slots from the crafting tables that are gone are still used up so I cant replace them... please help it is breaking my ability to continue in the game as I can no longer craft gold bars or anything that needs a table atm.
  6. Coolest Building so far

    nice lodge house!
  7. that is odd because my house was raided 2 days ago and everything is back except my crafting tables and everything in that second-floor room. I had all available tables and the large static cabinet but once the floor was removed they all disappeared and never came back. @Sheriff Billy is this something I have to take care of or is this something that should have been handled in the game? Please let me know I have no problem, either way, I just need to know what floor to put everything on so I don't lose everything again. I have a large house On the river near Vainbank and it gets attacked a lot by people looking for chest and stuff. thanks for replies ChiPore
  8. If you have a multi-story house and you have crafting tables on the second floor and someone comes into destroy your house and they blow out the floor your crafting tables are on will they return as well like the rest of the house or are they gone forever?
  9. town capture rewards

    yeah sorry, I am in the same boat but have received the rockspring + so like Billy said you might just be unlucky atm keep trying! See you in Town!
  10. Blueprints?

    understood ty sir
  11. Blueprints?

    yes, @Sheriff Billy, is there a list of current BP's in the game and if not can we please get one? thank you.
  12. House

    my houses and all the deeds/materials paid for 30 days on both now gone server 13 US