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  1. Trains

    I would be happy if we could at least ride the train It might be too hard to code into the game.
  2. Zombies?

    Yes @Jing I really enjoyed those events!
  3. Zombies?

    I think the devs just need to get rid of all the blood guts/gore/zombies and bring back the old world from Wild West Online. Back then we had lots of towns and banks/stagecoaches to rob, tents/houses to loot.
  4. Trains

    I think that's a fantastic idea @Scott Lincoln
  5. Clothes Missing

    Some of the garment bags are not able to be purchased.

    I feel the same @Butler Morris. I think there are too many servers at the moment and having less would make the servers more lively
  7. Patch 9.03.19 Changelog

    I'm really happy with the new Town Capture Event! Solid work! Thank you Devs @Sheriff Billy
  8. Is the Train coming soon?

    So I think it would be a lot of fun if you guys added a working train! And make it so, players can hop on and even rob it! I think it would also bring in more players! Who else wants a working Train?!!!
  9. Hi

    Howdy! Welcome to the New Frontier