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  1. Is the Train coming soon?

  2. Patch 9.03.19 Changelog

    I'm really happy with the new Town Capture Event! Solid work! Thank you Devs @Sheriff Billy
  3. Basebuilding improvements

    Please remove the land deed "base banner" that sits out in the open...It's kind of annoying, plus it gives off a flashing light effect. And yes, better lighting for our houses please Fireplace with chimney would be nice.
  4. Stamina horse bug keep it going

    I agree, that needs to be patched soon.
  5. Is the Train coming soon?

    So I think it would be a lot of fun if you guys added a working train! And make it so, players can hop on and even rob it! I think it would also bring in more players! Who else wants a working Train?!!!
  6. Hi

    Howdy! Welcome to the New Frontier
  7. Large Land Deeds ?

    Try restarting your game.
  8. Welcome again

    The servers should be back now.
  9. Welcome again

    It's based on the server you join. Did you already download the new launcher? If so, what did it say when you tried to login?
  10. Welcome again

    Go to the post office at Vainbank and talk to the dude there. It should open your global vault and your small land deed should appear. Grab the small land deed and after that go outside the safe zone and press "P" and then 1 to place your small land plot.