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  1. Patch 8.07.19 Changelog

    CDN server issue....ME TOO!!
  2. PATCH 7.18.19 Changelog

    Thanks!!! Much appreciated!!!
  3. TPS or FPS ?

    Buh bye. Was no "need" for you to be here anyway! Rest of us WANT to be here.
  4. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    Nope. Clueless has NO idea what invite alpha stage is all about either...calling it a "game" empty of interactions. "back last nov" and IM the new one here!! LOLOL My account creation date is Sept 2017. I need to stop before I get more points warning due to this DA!
  5. TPS or FPS ?

    There are sooooooo many more important things that need addressing well before this issue!
  6. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    Continue to lie. Yeah, thats it. Im new here. Dumbass.
  7. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    Thats NOT like the whole world. If you are gonna bitch, at least bitch about something that is truthful. Try mining gold, rock, raw metal or wood at the mines for each type. Then report your findings while we wait......
  8. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    My view is rust has been around a while, New Frontier is in alpha stage. You seemed to have missed where it was said New Frontier is Rust "like".....not an exact copy. Some of those things you listed I hope New Frontier NEVER gets!
  9. Coolest Building so far

    Pssttt......bigger is NOT better.
  10. Coolest Building so far

    Not thru a roof!
  11. PATCH WEEK - Starting Tuesday 18th

    Makes you complain a lot ! Post the damn bugs then, stop crying so much.
  12. PATCH 6.14.19 - Information and be prepared !

    Because "exploits"......hello!
  13. PATCH 6.14.19 - Information and be prepared ! know who you are........crying the loudest........and the team knows who you are.........getting the BOOM lowered on ya! If you consider the exploit getting corrected, and YOU getting corrected as well, as getting your account "wiped".....QUIT then. Looking forward to the patch !!!!
  14. POLL - Should bases be descructible

    Me thinks this will allow WAY too much griefing. Goobers with nothing else to do just attacking any base they find. I know I dont want to spend all my time gathering resources to rebuild just to log off for the night and come back the next day to have to do it all over again. Perhaps the way to help balance this would be to make it cost BOO KOO resources to take down just ONE wall. I dunno.

    With what weapon/ammo? Man, im bummin.....