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  1. I don't think every totem has a rock by it. I think only 3/5 do, however the rocks glow and sometimes are a few feet away from totem. (not right next to the totem).
  2. Reward for previous WWO accounts!

    Yes it was? From the moment Mr. Black posted it back in May it always said 40 hours. Edit: Ah never saw that facebook post but the forum post that came out way sooner always said 40 hours. Edit 2:
  3. POLL - Should bases be descructible

    Keep bases the way they are now. However expand the respawn time to 24-48 hours. That way people will utilize spending the $$$ to rebuild those pieces.
  4. Item Drop on Death Change

    I don't see why people are angry at this update. First off if you are carrying 500+ of anything you deserve to have lost those items. Instead of having a weight system they give you the option to carry that much but at a risk. Secondly they made it so AMMO doesn't drop which actually works against the pkers now. That was our main source of ammo meaning we have to use our own now, costing us money. For those of you who don't like PVP there are PLENTY of other servers that are low population that you can grind whatever your doing. Main point of this game is to PVP. Raiding is currently non existent due to everyone storing items and houses just re-spawn instead of staying destroyed. So yeah it would be nice if other events were added to encourage more. After you get to end game its all about pvp... Why else would you be trying to acquire guns and modding them up? To kill deer?
  5. Reward for previous WWO accounts!

    Yes every WWO player that played 40 hours from June - August 2019. Meaning when it became New Frontier, not WWO hours.
  6. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    servers are normally up pretty quick after patching. For me it was up within 5 minutes.....You just got too make sure too exit and reopen client so patch can be downloaded before accessing game.
  7. PATCH 6.14.19 - Information and be prepared !

    I'm actually all for the reset of my exp to a suitable level. I obtained level 90 by doing mostly bullet crafting, rest was from bear traps. I don't care if I end up being even lower (will be interesting to see as I think i got like 250+ hours ingame) haha. The TN i obtained and will get more the lower level I am is well worth. Plus my poor exp bar (yes I tested and got extra 37m+ xp to see what it would do hahaha)
  8. POLL - Should bases be descructible

    At this point if walls are indestructable would be easier to just build those instead for doors. Heck when you destroy it you get back all the resources. No loss at all.
  9. Post office

    I have already reported this under bugs. Somehow the Vendors are disappearing from player view. YES the vendor is still there but he goes invisible. The only way to see him is to reconnect to server, he appears instantly when you log in.